Xiaomi Power Bank 20000mAh launched in India for Staying On

Owning a mobile phone was a luxury once upon a time but it is a necessity in the present day.  Staying online through mobile phones for business and personal reasons has become a common thing in the current scenario.  Though the mobile phones facilitate online connectivity, they consume a considerable amount of battery in the process.  Power bank was unknown a few years back.  But with the increased spread of power-hungry smartphones in the market, power banks also have become a necessity. Today I'm going to write Mi power bank reviews so that you can know more about it. You will read here Xiaomi Power Bank 20000mAh Review for more information.

What is a power bank?

Xiaomi Power Bank 20000mAh

Power Bank is a device that has batteries built into it and with the help of these batteries, it addresses the changing needs of a smartphone.  Although this is the basic functionality, the present day power banks have a lot of other integrated features that make life much more convenient.  The wide range of features includes but not limited to increased battery capacity, fast charging, reduced size, multiple safety features such as auto shut off and the non-charging related feature of having an inbuilt torchlight.

Then Keep reading this article to learn about the best power bank.

Is it really worth buying a power bank?

Is it really worth buying a power bank

The answer to the above question depends on an individual’s mobile phone usage.  If an individual is an avid phone user who needs to remain online for his business or personal needs then buying a power bank is inevitable for that particular individual.  On the other hand, if an individual is not so much into data usage and only limits himself to calls and SMS then for him it is not worth buying a power bank.  Lot of people from Gen X and Gen Y category fall into the above described avid phone user’s category.  Gaming, interaction with friends on social networks, banking transactions are some of the common tasks these people perform via their mobiles.  So, they definitely need a power bank as most of the tasks they perform are battery consuming. You can check Mi Power Bank Online Reviews On Amazon to get a better view of different people using it in daily life.

If you really want to buy a power bank for long-lasting use, you can take one of the two approaches. Buy a cheaper one like Mi, Ambrane, Lenovo, Syska. Use it for however long its life is. Once it stops working buy another one.

How to purchase the right power bank that meets your needs?

Various features associated with power bank need to be reviewed before deciding on the right power bank that suits an individual’s needs.  Below given is the list of features that can help an individual in determining the right power bank:



The capacity of a power bank is measured in mAH.  It is the unit of electric charge and is also the most common way to express the capacity of batteries.  The full form of mAH is ‘milli-amp hour’.  The more the mAH of a battery, the more power the battery can store.  So, if an individual is a power user of mobile phone then he/she needs to buy a power bank that has more mAH.  mAH of power banks can range from 3000 to 20000 plus.

Charging speed:

Some of the power banks based on the input capacity can get charged at a rapid rate than others. The time of total charging depends on the total capacity of the battery and other features.  Features such as ‘fast charging’ can decrease the overall charging time of the device.

The number of ports:

The number of ports

The more the number of ports, the easier to charge your devices.  Some power banks support simultaneous charging where the user can plug in more than one device for charging in a single go.

Safety features:

Safety is paramount when it comes to power banks as they hold battery within them.  Batteries, when not handled appropriately, can cause much damage to the device and in extreme cases can explode.  Hence, the user should look for safety features such as auto shut-off feature, strongly built of the device etc.

Best practices while using a power bank:

  • Charge the power bank completely before using it
  • Do not charge the power banks in the middle. Charge them only when they are completely depleted of their power
  • If the power bank is not charging even after proper connection with a smartphone or tablet, it could be because of the inbuilt safety feature that is stopping the device from charging the phone. This inbuilt feature enables the power bank to stop charging in case there are any issues with the smartphone such as the incompatible battery or damaged battery etc. Hence, ensure to check the safety feature before trying to recharge the device
  • Do not overcharge the power bank by leaving it for charging overnight. This may be unsafe to the consumer. It could also damage the device
  • Do not expose the power bank to sunlight unless it is a solar chargeable power bank
  • Do not expose the power bank to exceeding temperatures

Now that we have reviewed few criteria to choose the best power bank that meets an individual’s needs and also the best practices while using a power bank, let’s review Xiaomi power bank 20000mAH and also see what it has to offer to consumers:

Mi Power Bank 20000mAh (White)

xiaomi power bank 20000mah

Description:  With a capacity of 20000mAH, Mi power bank 20000mAH is the perfect mobile accessory for long distance flights.  The new Texas instruments control chip built within the Xiaomi power bank 20000mAH facilitates rapid charging by which it can be completely charged within 7 hours’ time.

Supplied with dual USB ports, the Mi power bank 20000mAH not only charges the connected device rapidly but also adjusts its output based on the device connected. Check Mi Power Bank price and Buy Mi Power Bank 20000Mah On Amazon.

The Texas chips improve charging conversion rate and with the help of advanced, resistance-capacitance sensors stabilize discharging voltage.  The tough external built of the power bank is not only scratch resistance but also provide a firm grip for holding.  The charging cable that comes along with the device is made of non-toxic TPE material and can be used for data transfer.

Product Information: 

  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Model:  20000mAH
  • Color: White
  • Rating: 4.5
Compact size with efficient charging with the help 20000mAH capacity batteryExpensive
Rapid charging facility
Texas chips that make the device safe to use
Charging cable that can be used for data transfer as well


Summary of Xiaomi Power Bank 20000mAh Review

With a powerful 20000mAH capacity, the Mi power bank 20000mAH is the consumers best bet in 20000mAH category.  They come extremely handy during long distance travels.  The safety and rapid charging features make the Xiaomi power bank 20000mAH all the more useful.


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