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Trackr Bravo ReviewWith the help of Trackr which is a small Bluetooth device, you can easily track down almost everything the device is connected with. To be quite honest, TrackR Bravo boasts a slew of cool features that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Ever since keys and wallets are invented, people tend to lose them now and then. However, with the advancement of technology, now you can track and locate them easily. Yes! Miracle has finally happened. To know more about the product, you need to read further Trackr Bravo Review which is stated just below.

Trackr Bravo Review

Trackr Bravo Review 2The Trackr Bravo is basically a coin-sized Bluetooth Integrated device. It can easily help you to locate your device or even some lost belongings. Thanks to a key ring-friendly design and an included adhesive pad that you can attach the small device to nearly anything. This makes us purchase the product even more with the good sides as well as the bad ones. The Trackr Bravo is a very lightweight device that easily slips into a keychain you would like to forget about until you need it. The Trackr Bravo performs the duties very well and is quite impressive to buy.

To know more, all that you need to do is to read the Trackr Bravo Review.


Trackr Bravo Review 9The Trackr Bravo is basically a very small device in the size and also compact in the shape as well. The dimensions of the tracker are around 0.2 inches thick while it weighs only 0.3 ounces. Basically, it is smaller than any other tracking device that measures 1.2 by 0.2 inches. The product also has a displayed backlit pairing button right below it.

The Trackr Bravo also has an optimum battery that is integrated by the CR1616 coin cell. However, the battery must be replaced yearly in order to get the best results. In our Trackr Review, we would be honest about this. The tracker does not have any low battery indicator and is no real way to tell it. This could be very problematic for use as it can get better results for anyone to use. On the flip side, the biggest advantage is that you can change the battery.

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Features of TrackR Bravo

The TrackR Bravo has some of the best features that make the whole concept of working easier. Here are some of the best features of the gadget.

Trackr Bravo Review 3

  • The product can easily get connected to other devices such as mobile phones over Bluetooth and an app on your iOS or Android platform.
  • The device has an integrated finding feature that goes two ways. It has a Press and holds the button on the device itself and the phone sounds with an alarm.
  • The trackr Bravo comes up with a separate item ringer which helps you to recover the lost belongings. You can place it with keys, wallets or purse.
  • The device has an integrated phone finder feature that can be very helpful. The tracker rings your smartphone even in the silent mode.
  • The product has a crowd locate with a specific distance that helps to locate the belongings on a map. You can find and track your distance away from the item.

Pros & Cons of Trackr Bravo

We have checked up a lot of samples of the Trackr Bravo and in our Trackr Bravo Review, we come up with an exclusive recommendation on the Pros and Cons.

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The Tracker is very small in size which is also light in weight at the same time.The range of the connectivity is not so big to locate.
It has a two-way tracking capability that is quite fast and also effective at the same time.It cannot perform on devices lower than iOS 9.
The device has a better establishing sensor that notifies you when you are back within the range of the device.The Unintuitive app is not so integrated for use.
The product gets the support of the Trackr APP which is also very helpful to fulfill the needs.
It can also ask you to locate your phone simply by asking Alexa to find it for you.
The volume on the ringer of the Bravo is very compatible for anyone to hear.
It gives a good competition to the trackr Pixel.

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Let us know a bit more about the detailed trackr Review.

How the Trackr Bravo Works?

Trackr Bravo Review 5The Trackr Bravo comes in collaboration with the Trackr APP which keeps on developing regularly. Specifically, when the device was brought out for a test, it was seen that they have introduced better antennas for an improved change. The earlier version of the Bravo used to feature a connection of merely 20 feet while this one can actually increase it at 70 feet away.

However, there is one major problem that we have put up on the Trackr Bravo Review. It is very hard to re-establish a connection with the application once you have gone out of the range. Sometimes, use the network congestions, it might not show up until 50 feet of the distance, while it starts to turn up from 70 feet back again. The application comes with some modified updates that indicate and directs you to the device. There are small descriptions such as “Near” “Close By” and “Far” that are shown randomly. It might show to be far sometimes while it is near to you.

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What You Must Know

Most of the trackr reviews might suggest that the changes in the application are done abruptly, but it is actually not. It takes some time for the application to catch the accurate location.

Trackr Bravo Review 6If compared with the trackr Pixel, the Bravo has an advanced geo-fencing feature that can alert you when you become separated from the keys or any of your personal belongings. But, to get this done, you need to open up the Trackr APP and go to the settings to enable this.

The geo-fence alerts your mobile phone that the device is at work and it is moving. But, to get this notification, there is a 7-second delay even if your phone is in a close range.

You may lose contact with the Bravo when the phone sounds you the alarm. Though an interval of 7 seconds might not be much to look forward to, due to some congestion, it can drive you far away before the application notifies you.

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Finding Your Phone

Trackr Bravo Review 8If you have found the lost items just while searching for them, the tracker application notifies you over the phone. But, what will happen if you have lost your own phone? Well, if you have lost your own mobile phone, you do not have to worry much about it. You can manually locate any of those Tracker devices and press the button on the tracker. This will cause the phone to sound an alarm when in range. Even if your phone is in the silent mode, the application still manages to send alarm messages to your phone while making it sound.

Key Tips to Use the Trackr Bravo

Trackr Bravo Review 10If you are following the Trackr Bravo Review, you must have already known how we have put up every detail of the device as well as the application. The Trackr Bravo price is very affordable which is easy to buy in pairs. It is a very substantial and effective tracking device for you to buy. However, the Trackr offers some additional benefits which are more successful for anyone to use.

Trackr Bravo Review 7The Bravo device lets you create Wi-Fi Safe Zones within the application to disable the proximity alerts when you are at home or only other place of work. This will help you to stop the useless alarms every time you get up from here to there. Most of the features are similar to the trackr Pixel and other devices provided by the manufacturer.

The application also allows you to share access to your Trackr with a community of users in case your phone goes missing. This feature is completely customizable which you can change the settings. Also, the application lets you find anything connected to the device and very easily.


We hope this review will help you in deciding how the Trackr device is and how it performs. However, Trackr Bravo Review is something that you can use to track anything that you have lost but is close to your heart. So don't wait for more and buy the most important device-Trackr to solve all your problems now.

TRACKR : Buy 3 Get 2 Free

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Trackr Bravo Review
  • Technology
  • Bluetooth Range
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money


Trackr Bravo is a great device for tracking things and it is really helpful in emergency situations. My advice is you can give it a try!

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