Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney in India: Review & Buying Guide 2018

Cooking is never an easy job in India. In our country, cooking is not considered as a job, but as an art. Cooking different meals and preparations involves a lot of ingredients. These include from frying to baking and from preparing a curry to curating the Biryani. With so many variations of food prepared in every house, it is never possible to make the environment clean because we can never change the style of cooking. But, there is one solution to make the environment healthier and it is by installing a kitchen chimney. To make it environment-friendly, you can install the best kitchen chimney in India above your cooktop!

Using the best kitchen chimney, you can easily save yourself from odor or from watery eyes. The kitchen chimneys such the air inside of the kitchen and makes it healthy to stay. The chimneys are placed right above the stove to suck the vapor instantly. It then releases the vapor outside the house. However, these chimneys use a very high power blower which ventilates the kitchen with odor and provides fresh air. If you are willing to buy best kitchen chimney in India online, here is a perfect guide for you to know more about it. Go through the guide of the Top 10 best kitchen chimney brands in India to find the right match for your kitchen!

Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India 2018

Let's take a look at these top 10 best Kitchen Chimney Brands so that you can select the best one for your kitchen. Also, you can check best Kitchen Chimney price list, reviews, and features.

10. Hindware 60 cm Cleo Kitchen Chimney for Kitchen

Hindware 60 cm Cleo ChimneyDescription:

The Hindware 60 cm Cleo Chimney is one of the best Kitchen Chimney in India that one can get. In fact, the chimney comes up with a manufacturer warranty of 5 years which is a big advantage. Apart from this, it has a soft touch control along with the auto clean technology. The control panel is very easy to understand.

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  • The kitchen chimney comes up with a separate oil collector.
  • The chimney comes up with a baffle filter to get better results.
  • The look of the chimney is very professional to use.


  • There is no light in the kitchen chimney design.


9. Hindware Clarissa 60 Blk Wall Mounted Chimney

Hindware Clarrisa 60 Blk Wall Mounted ChimneyDescription:

The Hindware Clarissa 60 Blk Wall Mounted Chimney is one of an ideal kitchen chimney online than you can buy. The chimney has a 1-year manufacturer warranty and it is very efficient. It has a suction power of 700m3/h which can ventilate the air from the kitchen very easily. You can browse kitchen chimney price list and reviews.

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  • The kitchen chimney has a push button technology for on and off.
  • It has effective air flow and consumes less power.
  • The product has cassette filters for effective results.


  • Needs 60 cm to fit properly



8. Pigeon Sterling 60cm Chimney

Pigeon Sterling 60cm ChimneyDescription:

Right from the manufacturers, the Pigeon Sterling 60cm Chimney is one of the best things that you can get. The product has a 1-year warranty on the components and has a good kitchen chimney online. The chimney has a dual motor which can get a lot of benefits to deal with. It has a 3-speed control that sucks the air from within and makes everything better.


  • The product has a 1-year warranty
  • The body is made up of fiber which is lightweight
  • The product has 2 different lamps to indicate the different operations


  • The maintenance is costly


7. Glen GL 6075 Stainless Steel Kitchen Chimney Review

Glen GL 6075 Stainless Steel Kitchen ChimneyDescription:

The Glen GL 6075 Stainless Steel Kitchen Chimney is just a must-have for your home. The kitchen chimney price is very affordable at the range and is a top choice for you to buy. It has 3-speed motors which integrate the suction power and releases fresh air. It also has a bewilder channel for the instant release of air.


  • The kitchen chimney design is quite unique and also classic
  • The product has a lifetime warranty on the motor.
  • The chimney is equipped with Italian motor for better results.


  • The maintenance might be a touch costly.


6. Hindware Nevio 90 cm Chimney

Hindware Nevio 90 cm ChimneyDescription:

The Hindware Nevio 90 cm Chimney is a very professional model that you can get with a 5-year warranty on the motor. The suction power of the motor is very high and also, it has a baffle filter. This makes it very easy for the users to operate with the soft touch feature.


  • The product has a thermal auto clean which gives better results.
  • The oil collector is designed specifically as per the different cooking habits.
  • It has a very powerful motor which consumes less power.


  • The installation charges are not included


5. Elica Nero Kitchen Chimney 60 cm

Elica Nero Kitchen Chimney 60 cmDescription:

The Elica Nero Kitchen Chimney 60 cm is definitely ranked as one of the best in the kitchen chimney price list. The body of the kitchen chimney is made up of stainless steel which has the push-button technology. The users can get a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the motor for better results.


  • The chimney guarantees you with a power stuffed execution.
  • The suction limit of the kitchen is high and gives best results.
  • The push button panel technology is quite beneficial for everyone's use.


  • Sometimes, the chimney might be noisy


4. Kaff Chimney Elbaa MX Kitchen Chimney for Kitchen

Kaff Chimney Elbaa MX Kitchen ChimneyDescription:

The Kaff Chimney Elbaa MX Kitchen Chimney provides a very strong support to your kitchen needs. The lamps filter in the chimney is essential for you to use and also very easy to clean. The air flow is almost 1000 m3/h which is great to use regularly. The quick suction feature removes the air from the kitchen easily.


  • The chimney has a size of 60 cm which is very sleek
  • The chimney has aluminum cassette filter for the lamps
  • The motor has 3 speed which gives optimum power.


  • The installation charges are not included


3. Glen 6062 60cm Kitchen Chimney Review

Glen 6062 60cm Kitchen ChimneyDescription:

The Glen 6062 60cm Kitchen Chimney has some of the unique features which can surely take it as one of the best kitchen chimney in India. The chimney deals with a very powerful motor that gives the ultimate suction of odor and air from the kitchen. The bewilder channel keeps within free from clean and obstructing.


  • The chimney has a very sleek look with a very modern and attractive display.
  • The chimney has a baffle filter for deep cleaning.
  • It has Italian motor with 1 year of warranty.


  • Sometimes, it might be noisy.


2. Sunflame 90 cm 1100 m3/h Chimney

Sunflame 90 cm ChimneyDescription:

The Sunflame 90 cm 1100 m3/h Chimney has one of the best kitchen chimney in India that you can purchase today. The air flow of the chimney is very powerful and makes a wonderful construction and suction of the power and makes it feel good. The Baffle filter technology is indeed very great and has a wonderful result for everyone.


  • The chimney is ideal for use in the kitchen if you wish to use it regularly.
  • The suction power is 1100 m3/h and gets a good benefit.
  • The size of the product is 90 cm has a good capacity.


  • The maintenance cost is high


1. Glen 6054 60cm Kitchen Chimney

Glen 6054 60cm Kitchen ChimneyDescription:

The Glen 6054 60cm Kitchen Chimney is simply the best kitchen chimney in India that you can purchase for your kitchen now. The size is 60 cm and fits in easily in any kitchen. The push button control is very easy to operate and gives an optimum result easily. Apart from this, the product comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • The chimney features Italian motor which has high suction power.
  • The chimney has a unique feature of baffle filter which ventilates the air easily.
  • After purchase service is very good by the manufacturer.


  • There are no cons.


You can even watch this video, it will surely help you to understand Electric Chimney Vs Exhaust Fan.

Why Do You Call it a Kitchen Chimney?

Why do we call it a kitchen chimney? Well! This is actually a valid question but at the same time, you need to understand that there are several kinds of chimneys present in the market. There are chimneys available for residential use as well which you can find the cold countries known as the fireplace chimneys. However, the ones that are used in the kitchen are known as the kitchen chimney which is tremendously popular in the Indian market.

What are the Different Types of Chimneys Present?

Different types of chimneys are there available in the market from which you can choose one for yourself that will suit your kitchen. Let us discuss the different types of kitchen chimneys available in India.

  • Wall Mounted Chimneys:

One of the most common types of kitchen chimney you can find in almost every Indian kitchen is the wall mounted chimney. The platforms are usually built right adjacent to the walls in the Indian kitchen and thus wall mounted chimneys are popular.

This chimney needs ducts so as to release the smoke outside. However, you will have different types of ductless variety that vary with chimneys to choose from. You have a variant of the wall mounted chimneys known as the island chimneys at different chimney price.

  • Auto Clean Chimneys:

As we all know that Best Kitchen Chimney performs regular cleaning of the soot and grime. In the Indian kitchen, spicy food is the main thing and hence the usage of oil is huge. However, due to the increasing use of oil in food items, you need to clean the filters almost daily. Auto clean chimneys are a must nowadays if you want to keep your kitchen atmosphere clean and neat.

  • Straight Line Chimneys:

Due to space constraints, many Indian kitchens tend to buy the straight line chimneys. One of the Best Kitchen Chimney that saves those people's lives who face such space-related problems. This type of chimneys are quite affordable and you can opt for one if you also have a shortage of amount while buying the kitchen chimney.

The advantage of using this chimney is that it provides you with additional overhead space to store your kitchen items.

Different Types of Chimney Filters:

Like different types of chimneys, there are different kinds of chimney filters present in the market to choose from.

#1. Mesh filters (also known as Cassette filters):

Mesh filters have layers of aluminum that overlaps each other slightly offset. This kind of filters have small holes from where the air passes through and also the oil is filtered through the layers fast. However, this kind of filters requires cleaning fortnight. It gives high support, however, successive cleaning is required for the Indian kitchen.

#2. Carbon filter:

Carbon or charcoal filter is used for smell ingestion. It is made up of small square charcoal granules which helps in the smell ingestion. However, the capacity to ingest depends on the thickness of the channel and also the size of the carbon or charcoal present. It is a part of Ductless chimneys.

#3. Baffle Filter:

The baffle filter is basically present to alter the course of the wind stream in a kitchen chimney layering it with steel or aluminum. The cut and slash system is used to separate the flavors and oil from the smoke. You need to clean the baffle filters once in 2 or 3 months with warm water or cleanser. The best part is that you can clean it using the dishwasher.

What are the Things to Consider Before Buying a Kitchen Chimney?

A kitchen chimney is a must buy for an Indian kitchen. So if you are thinking of buying it online or offline, then you should consider certain things before buying it. Still wondering what are the things that should be considered? Well! Not to worry! Here is a guide for you where you will find all those factors that should be taken into consideration while purchasing a kitchen chimney in 2018.


Blower or a motor is basically the prime factor in a kitchen chimney. It helps in blowing out the grime air from your kitchen. However, if you want to take our experts advice, then you should buy a chimney with an aluminum blower that is sealed.

Size of the Chimney:

You must be wondering what should be the size of the kitchen chimney? Well! If yes, then here is an answer to your question. The size of the chimney should be equal to the size of your gas stove or cooktop. However, the common size estimation of a kitchen chimney is around 70-100cm which you can get online as well.

Suction Power of Chimney:

Do you know what is the primary job of a kitchen chimney? Well! The main job of a kitchen chimney is to suck the dirty and polluted air and grime. Hence, you need to look out for a chimney that can suck the dirty and polluted air within a short period of time. The ideal chimney will have 800-1000 m3/hr suction power.


If you are thinking to buy a Kitchen Chimney online, then you need to consider this factor first. Filter basically differentiate between the grim and the heat. A week filter in the chimney can reduce the power of the suction creating severe health issues.

Maintenance and Cleaning:

Kitchen chimneys work a lot to eliminate the soot, oil, and grease from the kitchen.  In addition to that, it also helps in removing the smell. Therefore, it is your job as well to keep it clean so as to get maximum longevity.

Nowadays, you will get filters that can be removed easily. However, you will have an auto clean feature as well in your chimney if you buy an advanced one. There is no need to depend on the professional chimney cleaner.

Cleaning of the Hood:

Cleaning the hood is very much important like any other factors. You can clean it once in a week just by wiping the hood with a clean cloth soaked in liquid.


Warranty is another important factor to look upon while purchasing the best kitchen chimney. Buying from the well-known kitchen chimney brands is very much crucial to get a good warranty period for your chimney. Some of the brands even provide a warranty period of 2 years. However, the basic warranty period that you will get is 1 year.


While thinking of buying an electronic product, the first and the foremost thing is to keep a price in mind. Hence, think about your budget and then choose your product wisely. The price factor is as important as any other factors. The kitchen chimney price varies upon the features it is offering. Keep in mind the price factor so that you can compare the price and the features side by side. As a result, you can opt for a better option of kitchen chimney that will suit your requirements.

So these are the points you should keep in mind while thinking about buying a kitchen chimney for kitchen. However, if budget is not an issue to you, then you can opt for the advanced kitchen chimney that has auto clean feature and is soundproof. Check out the top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney in India.

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Nowadays, one of the must-have kitchen appliances is the chimney. In India, dust is a big issue and one can't simply deal with the deadly grime. Kitchen chimney for kitchen saves your life from facing this issue and hence it is a must-have. After researching a lot, we have brought you with our top 10 best kitchen chimneys. But if you want to know about our choice, then we recommend you to go with the Glen 6054 60cm Kitchen Chimney. Hope you will find this buying guide and review helpful while buying your first ever kitchen chimney.

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