Top 10 Best Hair Straightener in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2018

Straight hair is always in and women like to flaunt their straight, silky and shiny hair throughout the day. How to get that salon style silky, smooth and straight hair is the biggest question one has. Well! In this case, hair straighteners can be your best friend. However, there are several flat hair irons available on the market to choose from. To get your hands on the best hair straightener can be a difficult task to do. No worries! You are at the right place if you are looking for a hair straightener.  Here you will get to see the top 10 hair straightener reviews and a guide to get your hands on the best one.

Top 10 Best Hair Straightener Price In India

Below this, you will find the Best Hair Straightener Price along with reviews & product description.

10. Syska HS6811 Super Glam Hair Straightener

Syska HS6811 Super Glam Hair StraightenerDescription:

The Syska Super Glam is outlined with a smooth, lustrous complete to give it that additional component of style. Its plan also makes it simple to utilize and anticipates wounds. It additionally utilizes a high-temperature warm safe aluminum plate which forestalls harm and chills off moderately quick. It likewise has a temperature marker to tell you how hot it’s getting. The aluminum plate utilizes warm adjusting technology to give a uniformly warmed plate to fix your hair.  This is one of the best hair straightener in India.


  • The photo ceramic coating on the plates prevents any possibility of color fade.
  • The hair straightener heats up quickly and will be ready for use in just about 40 seconds.
  • The swivel cord design is a user-friendly feature as it avoids unnecessary tangling of cords.
  • The ample length of the cord ensures that the handling is flexible. On the downside, the outer surface gets a bit heated up.



High-temperature resistant Aluminum plateIt is small in size.
Light body stylish design with simple lock fixture
Heat balance technology prevents damage to heat over-concentration



9. Philips HP 8643 Hair Straightener and Hair Dryer

Philips HP 8643 Hair Straightener and Hair DryerDescription:

The Philips Hair Straightener and Dryer combo is without an uncertainty a bit of this summary. With a littler and ergonomic plan, this advanced shape wonder gives a perfect level of wind stream giving you immaculate looking hair. You can use it for a basic, smart blow dry or even just to style your hair. This Hair Straightener Philips has 2 versatile speed settings intended to give you radiant, beautiful hair overflowing with life. This is one of the best hair straighteners.


  • Hair curls is not a point of concern any longer all as a result of the product.
  • Skin consumers are at no time later on issues of concern either.
  • It has a fast warm-up time of sixty seconds and handles jolt framework for straightforward storage.
  • This expert Straightener is an outright need have hair iron.



Fitting for beginnersHeating is slower than other dryers.
Includes a little gloss and shineIt isn't sufficient to make twists.
Handling is fluff free.



8. Philips HP8312 Salon Straight Essential straightener

Philips HP8312 Salon Straight Essential straightenerDescription:

Philips HP8310 hair straightener works at a voltage of 110 – 240 V. The Philips HP8310 accompanies a customized shut off component. This artistic hair straightener online if left on, naturally kills following an hour. This hair iron has 210 degree Celsius proficient high warmth for impeccable salon straight outcomes in a matter of minutes.


  • Rope length is 1.8m while the radiator sort is PTC
  • The most outrageous temperature is 210-degree Celsius, warming time 60 seconds
  • It works in a voltage of 110 to 240 V
  • This is one of the best hair straighteners.
  • It Originates from the trusted brand “Phillips”
  • The Cost is very reasonable.




A multipurpose straightener with which you can fix and in addition add twists to your hairCannot be utilized on wet hair
Smooth and appealing outline
Artistic plates that circulate warm uniformly.



7. Nova NHS 980 Salon Style Temperature Controlled Hair Straightener

Nova NHS 980 Salon Style Temperature Controlled Hair StraightnerDescription:

Wearing a comparative hairdo for a considerable time span together can get monotony your look, get a handle on change with the assistance of the new Nova pushed magnificence hair straightener and styler. This hair straightener accompanies a couple of components which enable you to influence your hair to iron and add life to it. As this straightener is authorized fired secured, there is less rubbing and your hair gets released from the unit without getting hurt or got. You can buy Nova Hair Straightener Online at cheapest price.


  • You can use this hair iron over the globe.
  • It accompanies the general voltage include.
  • The Heat up Time required is about 30 seconds
  • It has Key Lock Functions



The product is totally Ceramic and Patented Floating PlatesMay hurt hairs if utilized for long
The Power Consumption is only 120W
Temperature Range is around 90 – 140 degrees



6. Kemei KM-328 Professional Hair Straightener

Kemei KM-328 Professional Hair StraightenerDescription:

This professional artistic hair straightener and styler iron, originally culminated for salon utilize, is perfect for personal use at home. Earthenware hot plates guarantee square with warm distribution, relaxing the hair and creating a shiny, smooth finish, while a thermostatically controlled dial influences the professional artistic hair straighteners to iron reasonable for all hair composes – thick, fine, naturally straight, permed or hued. This is one of the best hair straightener online.


  • 2 Temperature Control Settings along with Universal Voltage
  • It has Automatic Shut-Off and Power On/Off Indicator
  • The Product has Extra Wide Plates for Better Results with Long Hair
  • Swivel Cord to Prevent Tangled Wires.



The product performs an Overwhelming DutyThere is no clasp to close the arms for storage reason
It is completely Maintenance Free
The product is also Corded Device



5. Philips HP8317 Kerashine Jojoba Straightener

Philips HP8317 Kerashine Jojoba StraightenerDescription:

This Philips hair straightener with ionic innovation, jojoba oil, and keratin covering will enable you to get the beautiful hair and style you require in less time. The additional broad plates have been intended for thick or long hair and to constrain hurt. Most extraordinary shimmer with Jojoba oil permeated clay plates. The straightening plates have a great width and can be utilized to rectify a ton of hair in the meantime. The ionic conditioning of the straightener shields your hair against breakage. The adequate length of the string offers great adaptability to the clients. The automatic turn off element is valuable too. You can buy Philips Hair Straightener Online at the cheapest price.


  • Protective artistic covering with Keratin implantation Style
  • It has a 210°C expert high warmth for impeccable salon happens.
  • Ion-conditioning for sparkling and additionally frizz-free hair
  • The Product has Extra-wide plates for better outcomes with thick or long hair.



Makes wavy hair, poker straightTakes somewhat more time and push to fix wavy hair.
Indeed, even dry hair can turn out to be soft and shiny thanks to the straightener.
Gives salon-like outcomes without the pulling and breaking of hair



4. Philips HP8309 Hair Straightener

Philips HP8309 Hair StraightenerDescription:

Light indicator instant warming earthenware plates without tangle 1.8-meter rope PTC hotter. The Philips HP8309 Hair Straightener and styler could be your ideal styling gadget if you longing to have straight and sparkly hair. This Philips hair straightener conveys execution that outperforms various normal best straighteners, as you can get cleaned and gleaming straight hair without harming it. With a smart warmth uptime of only 30 seconds, this hair squeeze guarantees minute styling.


  • This earthenware coat is fit for holding and disseminating heat fairly, prompting quick and viable outcomes.
  • The Philips HP8309 obliges up to 210-degree Celsius of temperature
  • It conveys high-temperature warming those outcomes in salon-like straight hair.
  • Working on control, this hair straightener and styler requires a power supply of 110 to 240 volts.
  • The HP8309 hair iron is incorporated with a 360-degree swivel line.



Warms up rapidly, is not as much as a minute's timeThe greatest con is that it doesn't make hair satiny and poker straight
The case is solid and I generally keep my level iron in it after utilize.
The warmth of 210 degrees does not damage hair.



3. Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener

Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener


This Philips hair straightener with ionic innovation and keratin covering will help you get the beautiful hair and style you need in less time. The additional expensive plates have been intended for thick or long hair and to limit the damage. Give your hair moment mind with ionic molding. Charged negative particles dispose of static, condition your hair, and smooth the hair fingernail skin to intensify hair’s sparkle and reflexivity.


  • The outcome is smooth and sans frizz hair with beautiful sparkle.
  • These additional wide rectifying plates have been outlined specifically for thick or long hair.
  • The expanded plate in Hair Straightener Philips width can rectify more hair in one go.
  • It will decrease the time required to style.



The product Straightens hair within one stokeThe straightener makes vibrating sound once switched on
It Makes hair shiny, smooth and softOnly one power (temperature) setting
You can get Extra wide ceramic plates



2. Kemei KM-329 Professional Hair Straightener

Kemei KM-329 Professional Hair StraightenerDescription:

This best hair straightener and styler from Kemei give you salon-like smooth and straight hair without putting them through blow-drying, that in many illustrations, ingests suddenness from your hair strands. Use this fixing bar rather, and style your hair from wet to dry, and grouped up to straight, in a matter of two or three minutes. You don't have to connect this straightener to the power connection hours or minutes before utilizing it, as it has a rapid warm-up time of 30 seconds only.


  • You can work this gadget at four different levels of temperatures.
  • The long swivel rope guarantees versatility and in addition straightforwardness and solace while utilizing this appliance.
  • There is a LED pointer that signs whether the gadget is on/off.
  • The gadget likewise cuts off naturally when the plates are warmed to the desired temperature.
  • This is one of the best hair straightener price online



Overwhelming DutyIt might hurt hairs if utilized too much.
Maintenance Free
Corded Device and Multi-Purpose Uses



1. Philips HP8316 Essential Selfie Straightener

Philips HP8316 Essential Selfie StraightenerDescription:

Fix and style your hair with this easy to use the best hair straightener. The Philips HP8316 Essential Selfie Straightener makes styling at home fast and advantageous. Look magnificent for each one of those basic selfie minutes. 210°C expert temperature for flawless salon occurs. The hair straightener gets warmed up instantaneously, and it will be prepared for use in less than a minute's time. The high temperature it emanates makes styling your hair with it to a great degree simple.


  • Clay plates for smooth coasting and straight hair
  • Brisk warmth up time arranged to use in 60 seconds
  • An important swivel string turns and deflects twist wires
  • Utilize anyplace on the planet with comprehensive voltage.



The hair straightener is extremely moderateSets aside opportunity to totally rectify up all hair.
Clay plates cause less hair damage.
The string doesn't tangle.




Why buy a hair straightener?

Having the best hair straightener is a must in today's world. Do you have ample time to spend on only one curl? Or do you have huge money to hire a hair stylist every time? If answers to these questions is a big NO, then you need a hair straightener. Since these situations are alarming and impossible to deal with without flat iron.

What are the things to consider while buying the best Hair Straightener?

As we have said previously that buying the best hair straightener in India can be a difficult task. It is very much crucial to do a lot of research before you get yourself one. There are certain factors to keep in mind while you think of buying a flat iron for yourself. No worries! Here is a list of all those factors which you need to consider right now to get the best hair straightener for yourself.

Plates Material:

One of the most important factor to look out for is the plate material. Since your hair is related directly to the hair straightener, it may cause damage to your hair texture. You need to be very careful while picking up the hair straightener. Look for the material on the plate at first. There are basically three types of materials- ceramic, tourmaline and the last but not the least titanium.

Plates Width:

The size and width of hair straightener depend on the type and length of your hair. If you have short hair, you’re better off with slim plates preferably 2.5 to 3 centimeters wide. Choose a straightener with a width of 3 to 4 centimeters if you have medium length hair and up to 6 centimeters if your hair is long and thick.


Weight is another factor to consider. You simply can't buy something that is difficult to use and is heavy.

Plates Size:

Now plates size does matter when you are thinking of buying a hair straightener. There are mainly three categories- one for the thin hair with 1 inch or below plate size and for medium hair, it is 1 to 1.5 inches whereas for the curly hair you need more amount of heat and time and hence the plate size is of 1.5-2 inches.


Sometimes products may get damaged due to uncertain reason. Look for a flat iron with at least 1 years of warranty. So in the case of an unfortunate incident with a flat iron, you can redeem it.


This is a very crucial point to keep in mind. Whenever you think of buying a gadget, the first thing you should consider is the budget. Once you have the budget on the mind, now you can consider all other factors within that amount. It will surely help you to get the best within your budget.

What are the other features to look for in a hair straightener?

Automatic Shut Off

This feature is a must. You need to have an auto turn off feature after a given time.

Flash Quick Heating

It is a feature for fast heating boost.

Far Infrared Heating

To heat hair from the inside, thus less breakage

Worldwide Voltage

Ensures that you can use your unit anywhere in the world. Ideal for travelers.

Steam or Wet to Straight

To ensure that you can use the hair straightener on towel-dried hair.

What kind of Hair Straightener Should one Use?

There are basically two kinds of flat iron available in the market based on the material used to make the iron plate.

In this best flat iron review section, we have discussed most popular plate material. This part will assist you to decide which straightener is best for you.

Ceramic Hair Straightener:

If you are willing to get your hands on the best hair straightener, then ceramic flat iron is what you should look for. The ceramic plates help to distribute heat equally and the best part is that it is within your budget as well. No matter which product you choose, the heating capability is going to be enough to straighten your hair.

Basic Hair Straightener:

Another one is the basic hair straightener which is a general version of professional hair straightener. It has metal heating plates with fewer temperature settings mainly high, medium and low. It can be used for the occasional purposes.To be honest, most people do not prefer to buy generic version.

So you are looking for the Philips BHC010/70 Hair Dryer and you think this one to be the best? The Philips Hair Dryer BHC010/70 is certainly one of the top choices for most of the people. Read Philips BHC010/70 Hair Dryer Review.

My Recommendation


Philips HP8316 Essential Selfie StraightenerBest Buy- The Philips HP8316 Essential Selfie Straightener is simply the best hair straightener in India for you to purchase. It makes styling at home fast and advantageous. The product also has a brisk warmth up time, arranged to use in 60 seconds

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Kemei KM-329 Professional Hair StraightenerValue for Money- The Kemei KM-329 Professional Hair Straightener has the best hair straightener price online. There is a LED pointer that signs whether the gadget is on/off. It has a rapid warm-up time of 30 seconds only.

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Why have we worked so hard to make this guide on the best hair straightener reviews? It is only because we want you to get yourself the best flat iron present in the market. The hair straightener is directly related to hair and we don't want any damage to it. We shouldn't buy it depending on other's opinion as it can change your hair texture drastically. We hope that this guide will help you to choose a good hair straightener for yourself. In case, if you have any queries, then do let us know by commenting on the comment section below.

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