Philips Trimmer QT4000 Review 2018 : The Best Trimmer A Men Can Get

Trimmers have turned into a fundamental gadget for men. Whether you like a delicate stubble or full-developed facial hair, a great hair trimmer will enable you to accomplish that. If you are looking to buy Philips trimmer online, then you are making the correct decision. Philips makes one of the best shaving trimmers accessible on the market today. If you are looking for a professional trimmer, the Philips Trimmer QT4000 for Mens is efficiently one of the best things that you can wish to purchase. To know more about the product and to find out the reasons why you should buy it, simply go through our Philips Trimmer QT4000 review to get the best results.

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Overview of Philips Trimmer QT4000

The Philips Pro Skin Advanced QT4005/15 trimmer is the most elevated selling entry level trimmer. The QT4005/15 is cordless trimmer worked by chargeable, internal batteries. This trimmer has stainless steel sharp edges which are skin cordial.

Philips Trimmer QT4000 6You get 20 different length settings with this trimmer which can range from .5 mm to up to 10mm. That means you can change length by a factor of .5 mm minimum.

The QT4005/15 trimmer requires a charging time of 600 minutes and can work adequately for 45 minutes after that. The charging connector for this trimmer is generally perfect and backings voltages from 100V to 240V for charging.


Specifications of Philips Trimmer QT4000

Blade TypeStainless Steel Blade
Head TypeDetachable Head and Washable Head
Trimmer typeBeard


Key Features of Philips Trimmer QT4000

Follow the Philips Trimmer QT4000 review to find the Key features of the Philips Trimmer QT4000 for Men.

Skin-accommodating Performance:

Dissimilar to razors that scrape your face, this trimmer is intended to guarantee a smooth and irritation-free operation. Its Blades with adjusted tips guarantee a smooth contact with your skin. Likewise, these edges intended to remain additional sharp for a consistent performance.

Easy Trimming:

Whether you are going for that Rick Grimes look or to shape that uneven jawline, you can utilize the selecting wheel to change and secure in the length settings to get your coveted whiskers to look. Aside from the ordinary length setting of 1mm to 10mm, you can likewise evacuate the brush to get a nearby 0.5mm trim.

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Long Lasting

Intended for a long utilize, this trimmer accompanies a 2-year overall guarantee with an additional 1-year guarantee on registering with Philips.

Simple to Use

Keep this trimmer for an overnight charge of about 10 hours and you can utilize it for up to 1 month, making it perfect for carrying around on-the-go.

Simple to Clean and Maintain

You can evacuate the separable head and clean it by rinsing it under a running tap. After you have attempted it, you can append it back without any object. Likewise, there's no requirement for normal oiling.

The trimmer has an ergonomic hold that permits a firm grasp and simple utilize even in those hard-to-achieve territories.

Pros and Cons of Philips Trimmer QT4000




The handling is great.Can be utilized only in cordless frame and cannot be utilized while charging
It has an ergonomically planned anti-slip body.With the charging time of 10 hours, it keeps going only for about 30-40 minutes.
Does not hurt the skin and is easy to use.Only the separable head is water-proof and care must be taken that water does not go into the body.
The motor has an incredible torque in this manner giving a consistent and even trim performance.Vibrations and sound of the motor are moderately more contrasted with other trimmers.
Simple to clean and maintainClose trimming isn't conceivable
No oiling required for the Blades
Multiple passes are not required.
One can achieve difficult zones effortlessly.


Key Facts to Choose Philips Trimmer QT4000


The Philips ProSkin Advanced Philips Trimmer QT4000 passes on skin amiable trimming works out as intended again and again. You can follow the Philips Trimmer QT4000 review for more.

Philips Trimmer QT4000 4Style your facial hair the way you require with Philips trimmer qt4000 from as short as 1mm up to 10mm to get the near to shave look or the pleasant look.

Simple to utilize Philips trimmer qt4000 – get a 3-day shadow look of 1mm or a full facial hair of 10mm, adjust 1mm stages by basically turning the wheel to pick and secure in the length settings you require or purge the brush and get the zero trim look of 0.5mm with help of Philips trimmer qt4000.

Sharp edges have balanced tips for smooth contact with skin to hinder aggravation. Cutting edges remain additional sharp to continually trim hairs advantageously and reasonable with Philips trimmer qt4000. Get the best Philips trimmer online

Disconnect the head and wash Philips trimmer qt4000 under the tap for clear cleaning. Dry Philips trimmer qt4000 before you set it back on the mechanical gathering. No oiling required!



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Summary Of Philips Trimmer QT4000 review

The Philips Trimmer QT4000 is definitely one of the best Trimmers at the entry level for the better results. All that you need to do is to use it with a very soft force for a fast and easy trip. Do follow our Philips Trimmer QT4000 review to get the best experience now.

Philips Trimmer QT4000
  • Performance
  • Smoothness
  • Trimming Percision
  • Ease Of Use


Philips Trimmer QT4000 is one of the best trimmer for men. It's Battery Backup and finishing performance on beard is great.

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