Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer Review 2018 – A Helping Hand For Women

The 1600W Philips BHD006 hair dryer is one of the most prevalent hair dryers. It’s been getting incredible reviews on online destinations. One of the main USP of this Philips BHD006 1600W hair dryer is that it not just gives the power and care you require yet, in addition, gives calm drying 20% sound change versus the HP4940 model. It is conservative, capable and calmer making it a hair dryer providing intense and agreeable experience. Follow the Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer Review to know more about the product.

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For what reason Should I Buy Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer?

Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer is a smooth and smaller hair dryer which gives salo-like impact to your hair. It has an ABS polished and matt finishing to making it as a convenient and lasting companion. The ThermoProtect innovation will change the warmth and speed controls to give required hair drying temperature to dry your hair tenderly without damaging it. With Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer, you will get healthy, smooth, and manageable hair with its spout or concentrator connection.



Key Features of Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer Review


The Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer requires the energy of 1600W with 50 – 60 Hz recurrence to create warm air that causes you style your hair. The conservative size and 1.8meter rope make it simple to utilize. It likewise accompanies a foldable handle and a hanging circle for convenient storage. If you want to rapidly and effectively dry and style your hair, then Philips BHD006 is the thing that you require. It is planned using durable and tough materials and highlights different settings to suit your prerequisites. Read more to know about the Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer Review!

Ideal power – 1600 W

Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer Review 2This 1600W hairdryer has an energy of 1600 wattage which makes the ideal level of wind stream and delicate drying power, for beautiful outcomes consistently.


Silent drying

This hair dryer's plan of the air inlet flame broil takes into account increased wind current while the shape and size of the dryer enhance stream of the air through the dryer. Subsequently, it is quicker, more viable drying power. The Philips Essential Care 1600W has a 20% sound improvement versus HP4940. Thusly you can dry your hair unobtrusively without compromising on performance.


3 Speed/Heat Settings

This hairdryer offers 3 pre-chosen speed/warm combinations to make it brisk and simple to accomplish the ideal style. The dryer enables you to manage the temperature and the wind current. When you switch between the modes, you get different temperatures and different wind stream options. Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer Review 6The concentrator centers or channel the wind current so you accomplish astounding outcomes without damaging your hair. The Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer White has multiple settings that can be combined to give you a salon-like look. The delicate drying action leaves your hair feeling smooth to the touch and looking beautiful. The most astounding setting encourages the evaporation of water from clammy hair with amazing pace and you can utilize the cool air setting to set the hairdo toward the finish of your styling session.


Thermo secure

ThermoProtect temperature setting gives the ideal drying temperature and gives additional protection from overheating the hair. With the same effective wind current, you will get the best outcomes in a caring manner. The Thermo Protect include avoids and lessen any hair damage that may come about because of normal introduction to warm. There is no overheating, so your hair does not lose its essentialness and natural dampness. This element considers better protection, particularly when utilized as a part of conjunction with a warmth protectant shower.


Ionic Care for frizz-free shine

Ionic care is Philips innovation that produces negative ions. These ions keep the hair frizz-free by counteracting the positive ions created by the hair dryer. This element is perfect for fuzzy hair which flies in all directions.


Simple to carry/Travel

To make it simple to pack and carry your hair dryer when traveling, this hair dryer accompanies a special foldable handle. Presently simply pack a take your hair dryer wherever you go.


Simple storage snare

Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer Review 4Do you hang your hair dryer after utilize? Then this tiny element will prove to be useful. If you hang your hair dryer, it will spare you some additional space in the pantry or closet where space is dependably an extravagance.



Cool Air Setting

The Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer White accompanies a cool air setting which makes it unquestionable requirements have product. The setting empowers you to control the temperature to a lower level with the goal that the drying action is gentler. This element makes the dryer appropriate for all hair sorts, particularly for coarse, damaged, or fine Read Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer Review for more.



It accompanies 2 years of warranty.


Foldable Cord

The Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer White has a foldable handle that makes it simple to transport. It empowers you to carry this product along with you wherever you abandon any difficulty. The dryer is ergonomically planned, is anything but difficult to hold, and is light in weight. There is a spout gave a connection also. The dryer has a 1.8 m long string that makes it simple to utilize the dryer. The dryer configuration additionally includes a snare for simple storage. A travel pocket that accompanies the product makes it simple to store while traveling.

Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer Review 2

Pros and Cons of Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer



It is a 1600W hair dryer.Cool shot isn't compelling.
The Product accompanies three speed and warmth settings.
It accompanies a cool shot button.
The dryer accompanies a concentrator spout.
It accompanies a foldable handle for versatility.
The product accompanies a 2-year warranty from Philips.



Key Specifications of Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer

Speed Settings3
Heat Settings3
Number of Attachments1
Shading/finishingABS polished and matt
Product size125 x 80 x 245mm
Connection TypesConcentrator



Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer Review 3





Philips BHD006 is the ideal hair dryer when you want to adopt the specific piece of the hair. It has three-speed controls to give you delicate drying knowledge. The outline of the air inlet barbecue and the extent of the dryer guarantees the effective hair drying and encourages the most extreme wind stream and minimal sound. The cool-shot component in the warmer will kill the radiator briefly and supplies chilly air for the setting and styling of the hair. You can tell us what you think of the Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer Review.

  • Power
  • Handling
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money


This Hair Dryer is one of the best available in market for daily use and it has got the power to dry your hairs fast and easy without creating any kind of issue while using.

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