Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt 4-Jar Super Mixer Grinder Review

The Panasonic MX AC 400 Mixer processor dons a sharp plan with a tough body that looks awesome in your kitchen. It has a productive engine that eats up 550W of intensity for consistently. Additionally, it features three rate choices alongside the start and stops buttons. Advantageously multitask while running this blender processor as it components offers one of a kind interlocking security. In this post, you will read a complete Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt 4-Jar Super Mixer Grinder Review. 

With its solidified stainless steel samurai-edge cutting edges, crushing intense material is easy. The top of the container is fixed and can work without spillage. You can buy the Panasonic 550W Mixer grinder online at a sensible cost and finish your kitchen arrangements viable.

Why Buy Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt 4-Jar Super Mixer Grinder?

Panasonic mixer grinder

Product Features compose of food-safe plastic and has two security mechanisms infused in the design. It is driven by a motor operating at 550W and 220 to 240V operating voltage, with enchantment seal protection. Electrical switch system is introduced for additional security. Has 4 levels of speed selection: 0,1,2,3 heartbeat. Samurai edge edges guarantee high-equipped performance and toughness.

Product Description Grinding has Never Been Easier With the Panasonic Mixer grinder, your grinding undertakings are a drop in the bucket. A prestigious brand for manufacturing home and kitchen appliances, Panasonic accompanies the assurance of value. The Panasonic Mixer grinder is designed to meet all your grinding and blending needs.

With four containers of different sizes, you can conveniently separate products of the soil juices, mix shakes, mincemeat, dry grind flavors, influence glues, to get ready coconut drain and more. It stops your kitchen time and makes cooking fun. The Panasonic 4 shake mixer grinder is assembled keeping the multitasking gourmet specialist in mind and features great functionality and easy operation. A la mode and Durable The Panasonic MX-AC400 Mixer grinder sports an in vogue design with a strong body that looks great in your kitchen. It has a productive motor that consumes 550W of power for every hour. In addition, it features three-speed options along with the heartbeat and stops buttons. Conveniently multitask while running Panasonic Mixer grinder as it features a one of a kind interlocking security system.

With its solidified stainless steel samurai-edge cutting edges, grinding tough material is easy The tops of the jug are watertight and can without much of a stretch be bolted. You can buy the Panasonic 550W Mixer grinder online at a reasonable cost and carry out your kitchen preparations effortlessly.

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Key Specifications of Panasonic MX-AC400 Mixer Grinder

Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt 4-Jar Super Mixer Grinder

Intense Motor

The Mixer grinder is fueled by a 550W rock solid motor with enchantment seal protection. It empowers you to grind even the toughest ingredients easily. Obviously, it is very vitality productive.

Double Safety Mechanisms

This model utilizes two wellbeing mechanisms. Right off the bat, the wellbeing cover locking system in every one of the jugs keeps the motor from starting until the point when the top is firmly bolted. Secondly, the system guarantees that the jug is likewise settled legitimately before the motor is turned on. Auto close off and circuit break system shields motor from overloading and additionally shields you from getting electric stuns.

Enchantment Seal Protection

Panasonic mixer grinder is controlled with enchantment seal protection. This original oil seal protection greases up the cutting edge shafts hence giving a long life. It accompanies 4 jugs to give you more power for mixing, grinding or juicing so it is 3 in one solution for the kitchen. Jug limit 1L stainless steel mixer jolt, 0.65L juicer bump, 0.5 L stainless factory shake, and 0.2L chutney jostle for less demanding processing of different kitchen undertaking. Unbreakable polycarbonate juice bump is magnificent to separate juice from products of the soil.

Samurai Edge Blades

The sharp edges are exceptionally strong that it can likewise grind the hardest substance which is Turmeric. Panasonic stands No.1 in the grinding challenge. Samurai edge sharp edges perform smoother grinding and mixing. security cover locking and enchantment seal protection make wet grinding easy and bothers free.

3 Speed Setting

The three-speed switch and heartbeat switches are piano-type and amazingly convenient to utilize. 3 level of speed selection can take your kitchen errand from lighter to hard grinding. You can without much of a stretch pick how much power you want to convey for each time you grind something.

Tough Handles

The fashionable handles include a touch of style while being ergonomically designed for issue free use. The twofold locking mechanism locks bump on blender firmly so the jug is firm and you don't have to hold shake with hard hands. Its held at the base makes machine still in its place.


In-Depth Review

Panasonic mixer grinder

The chutney jolt has 400 ml limit, the following greater jug has 600 ml limit, the multi-jostle has 1100 ml limit and the juicer shake has 1500 ml limit. The juicer shake accompanies a nano-sifter to separate juice from the mash. Using the food pusher, you can continue adding the natural products/vegetables for juicing without having to turn off the blender grinder from time to time.

Presently, let us investigate its locking mechanism, which we should state is one of its significant features. The double bolt security system includes top bolt and jug bolt. The top has a bolt near its handle which makes it nearly watertight if you don't over-fill the containers. The containers must be placed and turned in a particular manner to bolt it. Panasonic Mixer grinder won't start running except if the container is legitimately bolted to the base. First-time clients may take a couple of preliminary and mistakes to bolt the jug accurately. Be that as it may rest guaranteed in a matter of only 3-4 days you will end up being a specialist at using it.

Despite the fact that locking systems are well-thoroughly considered, it has a little drawback. After using it for about 6-8 months, you may find that the washer of the chutney bump starts getting a touch-free. As of now, running the grinder for a couple of minutes may result in the top moving up a bit, however not totally out. If the container contains anything fluid, it is probably going to flood in such instance. Consequently, you may need to keep your hand on top of it while running.

Talking about the performance, Panasonic Mixer Grinders are very productive and can blend, grind, hack and pound easily. Be it making curry glue, coconut glue, idili hitter or for extracting coconut drain, the blender grinder deals with each errand easily, thanks to the very vitality effective motor and samurai stainless steel cutting edges. If you are require something to grind meat and ply atta, it is smarter to decide on a food processor.


Pros and Cons of Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt 4-Jar Super Mixer Grinder



  • Exceptionally sturdy and effective
  • Double locking system that guarantees security while operating



  • The tops may fly up a short time running the blender grinder continuously.
  • Might take a couple of days to get a hang of how to bolt the jugs and covers.

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Customer Reviews and Ratings

This is an extraordinary product and bang for the buck considering its warranty and after deals bolster. How about we see what customers say online in regards to this product who are using it every day.

A portion of the immense positive reviews “The Rolls-Royce Of Mixer Grinders!!!” , “Without a doubt the best! Try not to think twice about if you require a mixer grinder”, “Juicer likewise works extraordinary and I think the credit goes to the cutting edges”. People really love this machine be it juicing or mixing whatever they cherish it due to its performance.

In any case, we additionally heard one imperfection detailed by the 2-3 customer which pointed out to the working of the product after the buy of 4-5 days yet the product was replaced so not a noteworthy issue. Otherwise, it works incredibly for housewives and even amateurs.

Below is a Panasonic MX-AC400 Mixer Grinder Review Video, you can go through it to understand more about this product.

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The chutney jolt is the most utilized one at home. It completes a great job. The locking mechanism is minimal bulky, you will get accustomed to it soon. Strangely the chutney shake isn't hands-free, you have to keep your hands on the jug regardless of the durable locking. The commotion level is very low. The build quality is great. Generally speaking, I think it is justified regardless of the money.

Good quality containers with incredible security features, extremely quiet in operation when contrasted with other machines and does the wet/dry grinding work rapidly. Doubtlessly you have to get somewhat used to the container bolt wellbeing features yet once you get a hang of it, it appears to be easy. The dark shading machine with matching jugs additionally looks smooth and great.

Panasonic Mixer Grinder
  • Ease to Use
  • Performance
  • Power
  • Value of Money

Panasonic mixer grinder

Panasonic MX-AC 400 comes with 4 types of jars to achieve any kind of food preparation task easily in minutes. Stop worrying about lunch and dinner for a party at home because it will help you in the kitchen in almost every task.

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