The HUL Pureit Ultima Review – RO + UV Water Purifier In India 2018

Are you suffering from indigestion or acid stomach? Are you buying various medications every week for your digestive problem? Do you spend a lot of money consulting a doctor for your health? Then, you must be thinking that all these are happening from the junk food, or lousy cooking oil? Well, no… This is a complete myth! Read HUL Pureit Ultima Review 2018.

The reason for your digestive disorder is just unfiltered water.

So many people out there do not have a water purifier in their house, and that causes all these problems. And if some of you have purifiers, then this is the time to change that old one.

hul pureit ultima

An overview on HUL Pureit Ultima

While opting for the accurate and trustworthy brand for the water purifier, you can select HUL Pureit Ultima. The biggest challenge faced by Pureit is to offer safe drinking water at a reasonable price. Some Pureit purifiers give safe drinking water at a running cost of just Re1 for 4 liters without the utilization of electricity or continuous water supply. HUL Pureit Ultima a very sleek, compact water purifier, which offers the safe drinking water, that just complies with US EPA norms for safe drinking water.

The water purifier has dimensions of H 486 x W 360 x D 311 mm as well as weighs 9.5 kg and is accessible only in black. This can be wall mounted that increases the entire interiors of the kitchen where it is usually installed. This water purifier uses the proper six stages of purification to make sure the safest drinking water. The six steps include pre-filtration for sediment removal, pre-RO carbon filter, post-carbon sediment filter, RO membrane, UV and post Reverse Osmosis carbon filter.


Features Of HUL Pureit Ultima

While going to buy a water purifier, all you require is to choose the right one like this. But checking the characteristics of the water purifier is very important.

6-Stage Purification:

One of the most significant and essential benefits of this water purifier is that it contains the 6 stage purification. This is capable of producing the pure water that is as secure as boiled water.

UV filtration:

After the RO purification, one will get the absolutely pure water. But, some minute bacteria or microorganisms do sneak through these membranes. There is an ultimate requirement for complete purification. The useful UV lamp provides the additional purification layer as this just goes on to eliminate all the bacteria and harmful microorganisms to give you 100% safe water to drink.

TDS Controller/Modulator:

Well, it is not precisely the efficient filtration stage. The RO mechanism also makes sure the removal of TDS. In the procedure, this removes the necessary minerals like magnesium, calcium, etc. There is an actual requirement to replenish these minerals to maintain the quality of water. The TDS Modulator also has the responsibility of replacing these essential minerals.

Post-RO-Carbon filter:

It is a final sixth stage of filtration. The pure water requires some enhancement in the taste. The Post-RO Carbon filter eliminates the residual odors and enhances the flavor of the water, thus acting as the polishing agent.

Digital Display panel

It is a completely automated appliance, which does not require any manual intervention. This electronic display panel also shows the natural quality of water and indicates the life of the Germkill kit as well. The features of this Display panel are as follows.

  1. The digitally advanced alert system is such that two concentric circles alert you about the fortnight in advance that the life of the GermKill kit is nearing exhaustion. It also offers you along with the sufficient time to order the replacement.
  2. This specific system has the RO protection lock, which makes sure that the flow of water stops automatically after the life of the GermKill kit is over. Hence, you will also get the pure water all the time. You can replace the GermKill equipment and continue with the supply of pure water.
  3. The system ensures that 100% of the water that is entering the machine passes through the RO and UV. So, you get complete pure water all the time. There is no such compromise on this aspect.
  4. The alert system on a digital display panel is such that this will indicate any kind of electrical fault by displaying a red band over the area.

Knowing the particular alert Interface

The smart interface provides clear indication of the input and output of the quality of water. The purity indicator senses that the water quality 5000 times every second. The Digital Advanced Alert System also displays two concentric circles on the panel, and that shows the consumption of the GermKill kit. You are well-alerted 15 days before the package is going to die or its efficiency is going to end. Guided Alert system is the proper intelligent system installed in Ultima, which alerts you if there is some electrical fault, which is identified.

Neon Flash Belt removes every time you switch on the purifier or use the button to dispense water. RO Protection lock locks merely the water purifier when the GermKill kit expires. Either you get only pure and safe water or no water at all. TDS Modulator adds the preferred minerals after that purification that really enhances the taste of the water. TDS Removal is up to 2000 ppm, and it generates the entire hard water soft. This also ensures that Ultima can be used in areas where the water is very hard.

Distillation - This specific water purifier distill water, i.e., water is permitted to boil as well as vapors are collected to give you pure drinking water. One of the most helpful facts about the purifier is that it purifies deeply. This procedure successfully eliminates the contaminants, sediments, and microorganisms. One of the most significant advantages is that this is not slow at all. Besides that, the distillation process allows oxygen to pass through; thereby there is no chance of reducing the quality of water.

Activated Carbon - This kind of water filter uses the carbon particles to filter water. The contaminants, as well as sediments in the water, stick to carbon surfaces, and you get clean water. It also efficiently eliminates any odor that may be present. As it has the activated carbon, it also kills the bacteria.

Backwash - Water is passed through the proper purifying medium, and that traps sediments, residue, and contaminants. A lot of types of purifying cartridges are accessible in the market.

Reverse Osmosis purifiers - RO as it is called, was at first developed to desalinate seawater. Water is passed through the semi-permeable membrane so that only single molecules can merely pass through. This procedure efficiently removes contaminants in water, although small microorganisms may escape through.

Ultra Violet filter - UV filters produce ultraviolet radiation, more robust and powerful rather than the sun, to kills microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, algae, molds, and oocysts, present in the water. The filter is most effective only when water passing through the UV filtration is free of contamination. Sediments or even the contaminants present in water can merely cause the shadows and hence prevent the UV rays from reaching the microorganisms.

Special features to know

  1. The machine is not very heavy. 
  2. This appliance is able of purifying approximately 9 to 12 liters of water in an hour
  3. The water storage ability of the machine is 8 liters.
  4. The RO membrane is the particular thin film composite spiral wound type.
  5. The water is also pumped into the RO membrane chamber by the 24V DC diaphragm pump.
  6. As with other kinds of RO water purifiers, the revival percentage is around 25%.
  7. TDS reduction percentage is appreciable at 90%.
  8. This has been made from Food Grade plastic, and this appliance conforms to all hygiene norms.

Watch this video to understand more about this HUL Pureit Ultima Review.


  • HUL Pureit Ultima is recognized to eradicate over 1 crore virus.
  • Hard water with TDS 2000 ppm is by far softened and turns out to be potable.
  • The purifier body has been made up of food safety as well as non-toxic plastic.
  • The neon flash belt lights up when in the right utilization indicating action and the neon flashlight looks good too.


  • Power consumption is a bit higher too, and that slightly increases your electricity bills
  • Installation cannot be done by self as this is absolutely wall mountable.
  • Replacement of the cartridges and membrane also can be done by service personnel at their service station only.

Along with the excellent reputation for the product innovation and after-sales service, HUL Pureit Ultima is an entirely good purchase for the price that you pay. The budgets are also found to be varying at various stores as well as online portals.

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The 6 stage filtration system makes sure that pure drinking water as the different sensors and alerts in Ultima ensure that only pure water is dispensed every time. This is significant to drink safe along with pure water, especially in India where over 80% of the deaths are due to water-borne diseases.

HUL Pureit Ultima Review
  • Ease Of Use
  • Service & Support
  • Value for money
  • Performance


HUL Pureit Ultima is worth buying because under 20000 it gives RO+UV technology which is most important for household use. So, in my opinion, you should go for it.

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