Gas Geyser Vs Electric Geyser – Which One Should You Choose?

Waking up early in the morning and standing under the shower, especially in the winters, is one hell of a job! First of all, you don’t like it and second, most of you fall sick. Read Our Gas Geyser Vs Electric Geyser Comparison.


By the grace of technology and modern science, we have been gifted with the geysers! Just turn on the switch, wait for a while and your warm water is ready! Open the shower and take a steam bath!

Gas geyser vs Electric geyser


With fast moving technology, a lot more inventions have been made. The normal geysers are no more that one typical model. They have got variations too.

Coming to the variations, the two most predominant types of geysers are:

  1. Gas Geyser
  2. Electric Geyser  


Deciding which geyser will be the best between the gas and the electric one, it is really difficult to select one. Especially, if you are new to the world of geysers, you are going to have a brainstorming task.

But does that mean you will choose none? Definitely not!

What you can do is…

… In order to identify the right kind of geyser for yourself, first, you need to have knowledge of the geysers that you got stuck in.

To be more precise:

You need to know both its strengths and weaknesses and then take the final decision.

Yeah, I know sounds tough. Life is not easy my friend!

Worry not! I’ve tried to make things easy for you to a certain extent by providing a detailed comparison of the gas geyser vs electric geyser.



Let us take into account the gas geyser.

Gas geysers use Liquid Petroleum Gas or LPG to heat up the machine. Their limit of heating the water is unlimited. You can heat water as much as you can.

They provide heated water in an incessant flow and the heat too is supplied immediately.


Gas geysers differ from electric geysers in two main aspects. They are:

  1. Less power efficiency
  2. Have a speedy rate of recovery

It is no doubt that gas geysers are apt for your joint family structure.

Gas geysers can be divided into two types.

  • Instant geysers or tank less geysers

If you do not require large quantities of water at a time, this kind of gas geyser is apt for you.

You will be surprised to know that most geyser manufacturers in India sell out instant geysers only.  

  • Storage geysers

This is just the opposite of instant geysers. It is for those who require a good amount of water daily. Because of their construction, they are easy to repair.

However, you will rarely find them in India. Check gas geyser price in India.

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Features of gas geyser

Let’s talk about the features of gas geyser.

  • Efficiency

Because of the loss of heat from the walls of its storage tank, you can call it pretty ineffective. In gas geysers, the water remains hot 24 X 7. It implies that the power is optimally used.

  • Performance

In one gas geyser, you can heat up to 50-gallon water. The time taken too is very less. In case your house suffers from any power cut, it will not hamper the working of the gas geyser.

  • Cost and lifespan

When cost is your main concern, gas geysers are comparatively cheaper than the electric geysers. You can get a gas geyser within the range of Rs. 5000.  You can check gas geyser price On Amazon.

Speaking of their lifespan, here electric geysers win the show.

gas geyser


You may ask if there are any advantages of the Gas geyser.

Well, how can you expect of not getting any advantage!

Of course, there are! In fact, many!

  • The level of water and the rate of heating can be controlled manually.
  • Since the heating is a steady process, you need not worry about your power getting wasted. Rather, a lot of power gets stored.
  • It is a ready solution for a large family.
  • Repairing gas geysers is no big deal.
  • The most interesting fact about gas geysers is it does not require a tinge of electricity.
  • Gas geysers function properly both on LPG as well as pipeline natural gas.

With advantages come certain disadvantages.

To know which is better, a gas geyser vs electric geyser, you also need to consider the gas geyser disadvantages.When you are going to buy a gas geyser, it is important that you are aware of its flaws as well.

  • The device is not at all safe. It can even lead to deaths.
  • There is a need for proper ventilation in the bathroom as well as adequate space for keeping the LPG cylinder.
  • Since the gas burners get destroyed soon, the gas geyser does not last long.
  • It is difficult to fix. Only experts can do it.
  • Gas geysers release carbon monoxide into the air which causes pollution.

What about the electric geysers?

electric geyser

Electric geysers these days have gained quite a lot of popularity because of its convenience. It uses the copper coils to change the electricity into the form of heat energy.

Although there has been a lot of changes made in this model, the prime construct is the same.

You must wonder if electric geysers have any classifications.


Just like gas geysers, electric geysers can be categorized into:

  1. Instant geyser
  2. Storage geyser

Pros of electric geyser

  • The geyser can be installed at every place.
  • It is easy to handle.
  • The energy utilized is very less and thereby it is cheap.
  • Since the fuel does not burn, no carbon monoxide is emitted out and therefore no pollution.
  • It gets heated very fast.
  • Lasts longer.

What about the disadvantages of the electric geyser?

  • It cannot be operated without electricity.
  • It is very expensive.
  • If there is a short circuit, it can lead to severe danger.


You might be interested to know how the electric geyser works.

The whole machine works on the process of convention principle.


Next time when you go to purchase a geyser, keep in mind the following factors:

  • Cost of insulation
  • Cost of purchasing the geyser
  • Lifespan of the geyser
  • Space requirement


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