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Fixd Review car diagnostic toolFixd car monitor is something that will help you in tracking all the details regarding your car health. You will be notified automatically when your car needs a maintenance. That’s something amazing right?

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A car is something that everybody loves to have. If you own a car, you understand how much precious it is for you. With the development in the field of technology, every car now can be smart enough to handle all your problems. Well! To know more about the device you need to read below for a detailed Fixd review.

What is FIXD?

FIXD is an integrated device which is manufactured by Georgia-based FIXD Automotive that is purely designed to provide you actionable information about the vehicle.

FIXD is aimed at helping you at every step of your car. The hardware feeds the information from the car to an app on your smartphone that can be very useful.

If FIXD pinpoints any problem on your car, it sends the data directly to the smartphone app which you can show to your mechanic. Thus, it is a very handy device to use that reminds you when your car requires a service.

How Does Fixd Work? Check Fixd review

Fixd car monitor

The Fixd hardware has a sensor that can be easily plugged into an OBD-II port in your car. Once you can plug in the sensor, it gets powered by the car itself. This is basically a plug and play device and is very simple to setup and get started. What this device foes that it reads the code that is programmed by the vehicle computer according to the engine lights. It decodes this and sends it over to the application. However, there are certain facts which you must keep in mind.

  • Fixd will only work on cars manufactured after 1996
  • It will only work on hybrid cars of those which are run on gas.

If you have an earlier vehicle or a vehicle that runs on petrol or diesel, the Fixd is not a product for you. The OBD II was implemented on cars after the year of 1996. The device gets charged up by the car itself and does not require any external chargers. To be honest, you must never fall for any Fixd reviews claiming that the Fixd device is for all the vehicles. This is not true at all.

fixd reviewUnderstanding the codes through the engine lights is never an easy thing to ask for. But, with the help of the Fixd APP, decoding the light signal is very easy. The Fixd makes it very easy to understand why the check engine alarm is being displayed and what must be done. The device that connects to the car will send the error code to the Fixd APP and would transmit the error code and a description of the problem. You need to configure the application according to the device.

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What kinds of car problems can Fixd identify?

Fixd car monitor 7The Fixd APPlication is thus one of the best things that you can get. After reading this complete Fixd review, you might be surprised to by just how many things you can actually learn from the application. According to the company, the sensor can almost recognize more than 6800 maladies affecting the car and also hamper the car engine. It can easily diagnose the main cause of the check engine alarm in your car.

Though can never easily recognize all the things that its app can find it is pretty efficient to list down the major faults of the application. It can easily denote faults with the engine oil or even the O2 sensor. The Fixd car monitor can also help you to know about the bigger issues that will help you to take the car to a mechanic.

Apart from this, the Fixd APP also gives you the opinion to clear the check engine light when needed. However, you can still take your car and verify yourself that the problem is identified is not significant.

  • The Fixd can keep a track of the car maintenance easily.
  • This not only lets you plug the sensor into the car but also monitor’s the car quite effectively.
  • It determines what your car’s manufacturer recommends for maintenance at each milestone.
  • The application also alerts you to take actions against those recommendations.
  • The Fixd monitors the mileage so that you can get to know what you need to get done.

How is Fixd different from other devices?

By reading the Fixd review, you can easily understand that it is quite different from most of the devices. Fixd is not the only device that can keep a track of the car’s health. There are a lot of other products which are giving a tough competition too. But the unique features of the Fixd APPlication makes it different from the others. The Fixd car monitor has a specialized sensor that can benefit from the retail availability from the largest retailers in the world. The Fixd Application is also considered to be one of the best-designed programs that you can get.

The application is compatible with multiple cars. This becomes easier for you to put a sensor in each of your vehicles and also monitor them at the same time. Read more for the Fixd review!

Fixd review

The manufacturer claims that Fixd Applications help us by breaking down the bigger problems into the simple and understandable terms. The major function of the application is to decode the technical signals and provide a severity of the issue. It can also result in maintenance timeline for your specific make, model and year.

If you can compare the device with any regular OBD-II scan tool, the Fixd comes up beyond basic scanners and helps to recall the dynamic data by turning them into suggestions.

Learn More About FIXD

Introducing the Fixd APP

Fixd car monitor 5The companion app of the FIXD is known as the Fixd APP where you can easily get a lot of information about the car. You can easily use the application to check the status of the car and see what the current faults in the car are. Just because of the fact the some of these errors can be nebulous, the application thus helps to put up a description on each of them.

  • The application notes out the potential consequences that your car may face on the run.
  • It also recommends you to stop the vehicle and turn it off so that you do not damage the vehicle.
  • The application reduces the costs efficiently for fixing the problem when it is possible.

You can easily port all the Fixd devices through one single application. This allows you to plug in the different Fixd devices to different vehicles and get them connected with one single application. From the application, you can easily choose the car you wish to diagnose and you shall be good to go.

Pros and Cons of Fixd Car Monitor



It checks information on the engine Light and lets you know what type of repair needed. The device cannot work on cars manufactured before 1996
It has a separate maintenance timeline to denote the due service It Works only on Gas, electric & Hybrid Cars
The FIXD mileage detection that works to tell the potential difference
It tracks the Vehicle history to keep an in-depth report
The application has continuous monitoring that alerts when fixd detects a problem

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What’s included in the Fixd Package?

The Fixd Package can offer you lots of benefits. It has a basic instruction manual and the unit itself.

There is no need for any external charger of plugs. You can simply plug in the device to the port and configure it with the application.

The application is available on both the platforms Android and iOS. If you have a device that is compatible with the OS, you will be able to download the application and install it.

The synchronization is completely wireless and thus it is very fast in work.

Guarantee with Customer Service to Match

The after sales customer service by the Fixd is a big advantage to all the customers. Your vehicle may be weird or maybe there are some facts wrong with the OBD-II system. Thus, it is important for you to contact the Customer Service. There are certain benefits if the device sent to you is not proper.

  • You can get a 30-day money back guarantee
  • You can get a 24X7 customer service.

Apart from this, the product is also backed by a 1-year warranty which makes the parts replaceable. You can check more for Fixd review.


So now that you have the Fixd review with you, then you can easily decide whether to choose it or not. But the purpose of the Fixd car monitor is to solve your car health-related issues. With the help of this car monitor, you can easily monitor your car. It is easy to install and work with. And I am 100% sure it will do wonders for your car. So what is making you wait even now? Don’t you want your car to be smart enough to tell you about its own problems? Well! Then hurry up and buy the car monitor from the Fixd.

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