Top 5 Best Soda Maker Online In India 2018 : Check Review & Features

Top 5 Best Soda Maker Online In India 2018 : Check Review & Features

With time, apart from tea and coffee, people often like to drink soda these days. Many people like to drink soda every single day in fact. However, buying a soda from a local store on a daily basis can turn out to be a huge expense. In that case, Soda Maker may come handy to you. In today’s world, thousands and thousands of soda maker brands are available in the market. Choosing one of them can be a little difficult task to do. Each of them has their own unique features and having one can turn an ordinary drink into a classy one. Buying a good looking soda maker can not only be worthy for making soda at home but will also increase the beauty of the kitchen or your bar. Here are Top 5 Best Soda Maker Machine brands that are available in the Indian market.

Top 5 Best Soda Maker Machine In India

Here are Top 5 Soda Maker Price along with reviews and features.

#1. Mr. Butler Italia Sodamaker

Mr. Butler Italia Sodamaker


With Mr. Head servant Sodamaker, transform plain drinking water into crisp sparkling bubbly soda within seconds! Fill cool water into the reusable BPA-Free Mr. Steward Bottle, place it into the Soda maker, Press the operating button 6-8 times and your crisp sparkling Soda is prepared! The Soda maker requires no batteries or power. It accompanies a Co2 gas cylinder that can make approximately 175 glasses or 30 Liters of soda. Having a soda maker, you may have the capacity to spare a ton of things without a moment's delay. 

You can spare your money, space, time, the environment, and the annoyance! Buying a Mr. Steward Sodamaker, you will be fit for changing the level drinking water from your tap into the refreshingly bubbly sparkling water in only seconds! Further, you may likewise include different flavors to get ready soft drinks, mocktails, glucose powders, and many other things to set up your favored sparkling soft drinks at the solace of your home. You should be fit for adding the bubble to your home-delivered crisp organic product juice or to any other kind of cool refreshment that would taste surprisingly better together with soda.


  1. Make fresh, fizzy soda, cocktails and soft drinks of various flavors at home without any hassles
  2. No batteries or electricity required for operation, Features a CO2 cylinder for carbonating your drinks
  3. Contains a 1-liter BPA-free PET bottle for preparing and storing soda and 2 replaceable CO2 cylinders.
Pros: Cons:
A small and compact soda maker to fit well inside any kitchen There are no major Cons Present
Completely portable; hence, it is easier to prepare soda anywhere
Entirely recyclable as well as disposable CO2 chargers for carbonizing

#2.Soda Sparkle Sparkling Water Soda Machine 

Soda Sparkle Sparkling Water Soda Machine 


The Eco SodaSparkle Home Drinks Makers transform plain faucet water into refreshing sparkling water in seconds! This starter unit includes everything you have to start making sparkling water at home. The chargers are easy to store and transport fitting into cooler packs and backpacks. Continuously be prepared and have a store of chargers handy and at your compass. Since the chargers don't should be refilled, essentially buy a 24 charger pack (sold separately) which can make up to 24L of sparkling drinks! The SodaSparkle is a convenient and practical option to filtered water and soft drinks that you buy at the shop. 

You can utilize the water jug to shimmer your water, again and again, so dramatically eliminated plastic containers. The dispensable and recyclable CO2 chargers are more vitality effective than buying bottled drinks. They additionally guarantee trips to the market are progressively convenient eliminating overwhelming jugs to carry home. And each jug of soda water is, overall, a large portion of the cost you'd pay at the supermarket making it an extraordinary treat for the family and your wallet!


  1. Small and compact design – portable and convenient to store
  2. Fully recyclable and disposable CO2 chargers, no need to refill the chargers
  3. Use for sparkling water, add our natural healthy soda flavors, or make alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails
  4. Perfect for parties, picnics and outdoor dining as well as at home
Pros: Cons:
Helps you prepare several types of cold beverages at home The body is not as hard as others
Allows you to add in your favorite flavors for a refreshing drink
Doesn’t require any electricity supply or battery for functioning

#3.SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker

SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker


The SodaStream source was made by the incredibly famous maker. This soda water maker is a celebration of function and elegant refinement. With a LED indicator show, the source enables you to gauge the dimension of carbonation and acclimate to their inclination without any mystery. This soda machine is an excessively easy machine to use to make sparkling water each way. It will likewise spare you a great deal of money rather than to buy sparkling water each day ($2-4 every day). With the 60L carbonator water($25), which gives you about 60L of sparkling water, that comes to about 25c per liter which is an amazing arrangement. 

The SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker is a quality tool for making that energizing and refreshing soda water at home. This soda water making machine is totally versatile and doesn't require power or a battery for functioning. It encourages you in preparing your most loved drinks, for example, ridicule tail and other cool refreshments in your kitchen pretty easily and that too at a really minimal expense.


  1. Reusable Source Carbonating Bottle
  2. Requires no electricity or batteries
  3. Features LED carbonation indicator & Snap-lock bottle technology for easy bottle insertion
Pros: Cons:
Offers the best soda making performance whilst saving energy There are no major Cons
Prepares soda without charging you as much as the market bottles
Storing is easier with the slim and slender design of the soda maker
Helps you prepare a wide range of cold beverages to beat the heat
Augments the overall appearance of the kitchen with its classy design

#4.SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker Starter Kit

.SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker Starter Kit


Would you like to buy a cool, handy, convenient, and compact soda water making a machine for your home? Here we are with the SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker Starter Kit, which enables you to appreciate the energizing, revitalizing, refreshing, and bubbly sparkling fluid refreshment within a little frame of time. This soda making machine is genuinely easy to use and additionally work; consequently, possessing a Soda Buddy Machine signifies no further tours to the market for purchasing soda. Further, this soda machine gives encourages you to spare a ton of money, time, and exertion. 

The product accompanies the sofa stream unit and one little co2 cylinder. You should buy the flavor added substances additional. One thing to keep an eye out for is gunk getting on the container top where the top it. Sometimes stuff gets on there, and then gets transferred to the machine. This soda machine is somewhat uproarious and takes a little practice to get it right, however, once you do it is a snap. You can utilize agave nectar and crisp foods grown from the ground or whatever you like. It is incredible to have new seltzer accessible whenever to blend into drinks.


  1. Lightweight sleek design with Twist-lock technology and doesn't require electricity or batteries
  2. CO2 Carbonator Compatibility: 60L, which can be exchanged at several of your favorite retailers
  3. Stylish and chic soda maker designed for your modern kitchen
  4. Prepares any kind of aerated soft drink for you within seconds



Really easy to store owing to the sleek and slender outline The price is a bit on the higher side
Costs really less to make soda when compared with pet bottles
Delivers the best performance offering safe and drinkable soda

#5.Soda Buddy SBWJS18CO2 Soda Machine with Soda Bottle

Soda Buddy SBWJS18CO2 Soda Machine with Soda Bottle


If you are searching for a home soda maker having a reduced, chic, and sleek design to suit the general appearance of your kitchen, then the Soda Buddy SBWJS18CO2 Soda Machine with Soda Bottle is the best decision to conform to your requirements. You should simply fill the container with plain water and then fitting it in the soda maker; the outcome is refreshing sparkling water with which you may get ready different kinds of circulated air through soft drinks without any kind of object. In addition, the cost that you get for preparing soda at home is really little when contrasted with the jugs that you get from the market. 

The Soda Buddy Machine gives you a chance to appreciate refreshing and bubbly carbonated drinks at the tip of your fingers. Easy to utilize and work, owning a Soda Buddy machine means no more trips to the store for a soda. The way that it doesn't require batteries is easy to use (under 30 seconds) and there are so many flavors to browse online, makes this very convenient. Each and every soda making machine down here gives you protected and secure refreshing sparkling soda. Apart from that, you additionally have the option to set up your most loved sort of cool drink within seconds. Therefore, purchasing a soda water machine probably won't be a thing to lament later on.


  1. Offers the best soda making performance whilst saving energy
  2. Prepares soda without charging you as much as the market bottles
  3. Storing is easier with the slim and slender design of the soda maker
  4. Helps you prepare a wide range of cold beverages to beat the heat
Pros: Cons:
Really easy to store owing to the sleek and slender outline Only One color available
Costs really less to make soda when compared with pet bottles
Delivers the best performance offering safe and drinkable soda

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Are you fed up of running to shop for buying a soda every day? Well! Now you can get yourself a soda machine at home to ease out your parties. Buying a soda machine will not only save your money but will also save your time and as well as will save you from all the hassles of recycling soda cans or bottles every single day. The above mentioned Top 5 Best Soda Maker Machine will surely help you to find a soda maker machine for yourself so as to increase the enjoyment and convenience of your daily life. Do let us know which one did you pick and if you have any other options in mind, share with us in the comment section below.

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