Top 10 Best Microwave Oven In India – Reviews and Buying Guide

Microwave ovens have been an integral part of Indian kitchen in recent years. They are mostly used for getting food heated, cooked, reheated as well as for baking, grilling and much more. With the rush for going to the office or college early, you are in hurry to eat something instantly. Microwave oven comes to your rescue in such situation. You may try new recipe sometimes for baking cakes or be enjoying your weekend with friends. Microwave can be your baking and grilling friend. In this article, we will review best microwave oven that you can find in the market today. The model, price list, and in-depth review presented in this article you can choose the best microwave oven in India.

There are a number of popular brands like LG, Godrej, Samsung and many more that produce microwave oven. We will present you with the list of best microwave oven along with review and price list.

Different types of Microwave Oven

Basically, there are three types of microwave oven you can find in the market. Depending on the use of microwave oven and its functionality microwave oven types can be categorized as:

  • Solo Microwave Oven

They come with the single mode of microwave only and are the most basic type of microwave oven. You must not expect multi-functionality with these kinds of ovens and they are useful for cooking and heating purpose only.

  • Grill Microwave Oven

These ovens are a mixture of the solo oven with heating coils in them. They can be used for cooking, heating as well as grilling purpose. Grill mode is the additional feature present in this type of microwave oven.

  • Convection microwave oven

The most used and popular type of oven. They are manufactured with a combination of the regular microwave oven with convection oven. These microwave ovens are expensive but come with the ability to prepare healthy and tasty food. The food is cooked evenly and is crispy.

Top 10 best microwave oven in India

Below this, you will find the Best microwave oven with reviews & product description.

#10. Samsung Microwave oven 20 L

Samsung is one of the best microwave ovenThe wider door along with a blue LCD panel makes this an attractive model from Samsung. The capacity of this microwave oven is 20 Liter. You can save the standby power with the help of Eco button.

Samsung Microwave Oven has a slim body enabling it to take less space and making it easy to adjust it in the small kitchen. Good cooks well with a Triple Distribution system that comes with this model. This is grill microwave oven and mostly useful for grilling. You can check Samsung microwave oven price and reviews on Amazon.

Product InformationDetails
Capacity20 L
Power1100 watts


Wider door for easy accessVery few features compared with other brands.
Eco button to save energy


#9. Morphy Richards 23 L Microwave Oven

Murphy richards microwaveAttractive mirror glass door along with stainless steel body and cavity makes Morphy Richards microwave oven good décor for the kitchen. This microwave oven has a capacity of 23 Liter and consumes around 1300 watts.

Cooking completion alarm lets you know when the food is ready and combination cooking lets you make a variety of food. The oven comes with 10 auto-cook options and 5 power levels. Child lock ensures the protection of the appliance along with overheat and sensory protection. You can check Morphy Richards Microwave Oven Recipes and you can cook recipes in very short time.

Product InformationDetails
BrandMurphy Richard
ModelMurphy Richards 23 L
Capacity23 L
Power1300 watts


10 auto cook optionsExpensive when compared with the number of functionality present.
Child lock, overheat and sensory protection
Cooking completion alarm


#8. Bajaj 2504ETC                                            

Bajaj microwaveYou can find this microwave in convection as well as grill model. Comes with electric control and multiple power level. This model has the stainless cavity and a black body.

It has a digital timer along with keeping warm function and steam clean that keeps your oven clean. With 25 Liter capacity, this convention microwave oven is a perfect fit for a small family and kitchen with small space.

Product InformationDetails
Capacity25 L
Power1300 watts


Good fit for small space in kitchenThis model lacks many functionalities found in other brands.
The digital timer makes control easy


#7. LG MC2844SPB         

LG convection oven with 28 L capacityIt is not that expensive or cheap when we compare microwave oven price list for other brands. This model from the multinational venture LG is versatile and useful for the medium-sized family. Cooking, baking, and grilling can be done with convenience as you can use this oven as a regular one.

Lg Microwave oven has the sleek design, making it a perfect décor for any kitchen. With 28 Liter capacity family with 4-6 members can easily enjoy the multiple functionalities of this microwave oven. It comes with a child lock for better protection as well as a starter kit to ease your use. You can check Lg Microwave oven Price on Amazon.

Product InformationDetails
Capacity28 L
Power1950 watts


The capacity of 28 L making it useful for middle-sized familyLots of functionality missing compared to other models.
151 auto-cook and 101 Indian menus for the variety
Child lock and other security features


#6. Kenstar KJ20CBG101

Kenstar microwaveCooking time can be adjusted automatically with the comprehensive cook menu in Kenstar KJ20BG101 microwave oven. It comes along with three types of combination cooking for specific dishes. Antibacterial cavity ensures your food remains hygienic and bacteria free. The microwave oven can perform automatic sequential execution for different cooking modes, making it easy for the user.

Three level cooking can be memorized by the inbuilt memory making it convenient as well as saving time. 101 auto-cook menu makes cooking easier, and fun. Child lock ensures any unauthorized access is denied to small kids and 11 power levels give you full control. You can check Kenstar Microwave Oven Price and reviews on Amazon.

This model has Combi-function of grill and microwave along with convection and microwave oven. It comes with grill stand and expresses cooking as well as auto-frost function. Classic mechanical 2 knob control makes easy for the user to operate it with ease.

Product InformationDetails
Capacity20 L
Power800 watts


Automatic cooking adjustmentMany functionalities but few are easy to use and this has limited capacity useful for the small family.
In-built memory that can memorize last three cooking
Auto-defrost, express cooking, and many functionalities


#5. IFB 20BC4

second IFB model in the list of best microwave ovenIFB produces some of the best microwave oven in India. If your search is an affordable model from this company IFB 20BC4 is one of them. It comes with 10 adjustable power and temperature levels. This allows you to control the operations comprehensively. This microwave oven is useful for simple cooking and baking functionality.

For the kitchen with less space, this is a perfect fit. The compact model and combination of convection and grill microwave oven make it a good choice for the small setup. If you are a new user then this model can be your startup guide. This is a good choice for simple cooking, heating, and defrosting. For someone with baking as their hobby, you can recommend this model.

Product InformationDetails
Capacity20 L
Power1200 watts


Good fit for smaller kitchen with limited spaceDoes not have express functionality and is on the slower side of performance.
Baking is done perfectly by this oven.
Affordable for startup model.


#4. Godrej GME30CR1BIM          

Godrej microwave ovenOne of the best mechanical grills, convection and microwave oven from Godrej. This can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used for cooking as well as BBQ or quick heating, the result is always perfect. With 30 Liter capacity, this microwave oven is one of the best microwave oven for the big family.

There are 50 instant menus in the oven for letting you prepare variety. This is very simple to operate and user-friendly. You can use it for multi-stage cooking, combination cooking or express cooking based on your requirement. The compact and well-designed body makes it a perfect fit for any kitchen or office lunch room.

Product InformationDetails
Capacity30 L


With 30 L capacity, it can be useful for the big family.No child lock and other basic security measures present. It is bit expensive as well.
Multi-tasking possible
50 instant menus for someone needing fast food.


#3. Electrolux C23J101-BB-CG   

electrolux is third in the list of best microwave ovenThe Electrolux microwave oven works like tandoor oven and helps to grill food faster than normal. The food is crisper and tastier when prepared in this oven. The constant level of power is supplied by the smart wave technology to cook the food better and even. There are 101 auto-cook menu options available in this model along with combination cooking.

Auto defrost function makes it easy for you to defrost any food without cooking them. There is tandoori heater available with this oven. The controls are present as tact dial. The food grilled in this oven are crispy and tasty. Every corner of the oven is cleaned properly without any stains by 360° clean function.

Product InformationDetails
Capacity23 L
Power1350 watts


101 auto-cook menu availableBaking, cooking is less effective compared to grilling function.
360° clean keeps the oven clean in every part
Food prepared by this oven are tasty and crispy.


#2. Onida MO23CW5115

Onida is second best microwave ovenConvection microwave with a capacity of 23 Liter and best suited for small family, apartments, and office. This oven can be used for baking as well as grilling, cooking, reheating, and defrosting also.  It comes with a button touch control, making it easy to control all functions.

You can measure the calorie before preparing any food with the calorie meter present in this oven. There are 15 types of auto cook menu available with the appliance along with express cooking capability. You will find a LED display making it easy to see all the operations. Its interior and exterior are made up of stainless steel making it a perfect décor for any kitchen.

Product InformationDetails
Capacity23 L
Power1200 watts


15 type of auto cook menuNot suitable when it comes to bigger family with more number of members.
All functions of cooking, grilling, baking and much more available
Calorie meter lets you measure the calorie of the food.


#1. IFB 23BC4 

IFB 23 is the best microwave ovenIFB 23BC4 comes with a beautiful floral panel and stainless steel body. You can prepare yogurt with fermentation feature present in this microwave oven. It comes with disinfect panel against any bacterial infection. With 71 cook menu, you can make varieties of food of your choice. No matter how frequently you use this oven it has steam and deodorizes to keep it clean.

It is easy to operate this oven as it has LED display to show you all the functionality. Control is completely on your hand with 10 power levels and 10 temperature levels along with temperature setting. This has combined tech used a combination of grill, microwave and convection microwave. The weight defrost system is another feature that makes this microwave oven number one on our list.

Product InformationDetails
Capacity23 L
Power1400 watts


71 auto cook menu for varietyThis is suitable for small and middle-sized family only.
10 power levels and 10 temperature levels for complete control
Steam and deodorize help to keep the oven clean


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My recommendations

With the list of top 10 best microwave oven, now you can easily know your choice. You can compare everything including power usage to price and make your purchase. My personal recommendation will be the model with all basic features and price combined.

My first recommendation will be the microwave oven that is number one on our list. IBF is one of the leading company to produce microwave oven. 23BC4 is one of those microwave ovens that you can call IFB 23 is the best microwave ovena perfect fit for every kitchen. It can help you prepare food, bake, grill and much more. With fermentation function, you can even make yogurt on your own. The cost is on the higher side but the price is worth it.


LG convection oven with 28 L capacity My second choice will be another multinational venture LG. MC2844SPB comes with the capacity of 28 Liter. It is a perfect fit for the Indian kitchen as it has 151 auto-cook along with 101 Indian menus. You can make fast food from these menus easily. Cooking, baking, and grilling all can be done with ease using this oven.

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With all in-depth analysis and price list for all brands of the microwave in our article, you can now make your purchase. You can choose for your best microwave oven brand after going through this blog. You can find the number of brands available online but depending on your requirement you can make your purchase. Compare the price from our microwave oven price list in the comparison table to make it easy for yourself. The best oven in India is produced by different companies like LG, Samsung, IBF and many more.

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