Top 10 Best Geyser Water Heater In India Price List 2018

Top 10 Best Geyser Water Heater In India Price List 2018

It is not easy to bath during winter when the temperature goes down to a single digit or less. For some people bathing in hot water, every season is the only way they can start their day. There has been increasing trend in the use of geyser water heater or instant water heater in India. Old people and children find it difficult to bath with cold water. This has forced many families to install water heaters in the bathroom. There is the belief that bathing in hot water has a lot of health benefits as well.

Winter is approaching and people are preparing for their daily bathroom use by installing a water heater or water geyser. We will look at the top 10 geyser water heater in India with different features discussed, reviewed, and price compared. Go through our comparison to help yourself buy the best geyser in India and make your bathing experience more convenient. We will compare water heater price for different brands that are popular on Amazon and Flipkart to make it easy for you to choose best geyser water heater or instant water heater.

Types of geyser water heater

Generally, there are two types of water heaters in India, electric water heater, and LP gas geysers. Electric water heaters operate with the electricity whereas gas geysers use LP gas as their source of heating. There has been concern about gas geysers/heaters as they are believed to be harmful to the health. We shall be focusing our discussion on electric water heater geyser and their price as well as features.

Electric geyser water heater is further divided into three different categories as Immersion rod heaters, instant heaters, and storage heaters. Since our post focus is to recommend you the best water heater in India, let’s not discuss immersion rod anymore. I will try to elaborate mostly on instant and storage water heaters.

Instant water heaters

They are generally low capacity water heaters that can heat water instantly. These water heaters are best suited for the small bathroom and small family. Instant water heaters are available in two different capacity of 1 Liter or 3 Liter. Instant geyser water heater is energy efficient and mostly consume power around 3000 and 4500 watts. The heater has the small size with no tanks attached in it making it convenient for small kitchen and bathroom.

Storage water heaters

These are the commonly used water heaters that come with storage unit attached. They are useful for the bigger family where hot water consumption is high. Storage water heater can store water and keep it warm for some time. Due to its storage capacity, it makes them convenient for places where many people use the same bathroom. Energy consumption is low compared to instant heaters. However, their bulk size may create space problem sometimes and maintenance charge are higher as well.

Features of geyser water heater

You can find many blogs comparing geyser price in India but we will make sure you know everything before you actually make your investments on geyser water heater. Below are some of the features you must consider before buying water heaters. Since our aim is to buy the best water heater in India, let’s get ourselves prepared and oriented.

#1 Temperature control

Buy geyser that comes with temperature controller knob so that you don’t have any issue while using the geyser. Also, This feature will let you control the heat and maintain the temperature of water.

#2 Energy consumption

Any geyser that consumes less energy to heat water efficiently can be the best geyser water heater. Try to look for geysers that have higher star for energy consumption. You can see our comparison table below to choose the best option for power consumed.

#3 Automatic off

When you are using storage geyser water heater it is right choice to buy geyser with auto off facility. This will ensure the heater gets off whenever the water is heated to its optimum. Energy efficient geysers come with such option and are safer as well.

#4 Family Size

It is important to look at the number of family members using the geyser water heater. This will help you determine the type of water heater as well as the capacity. If you have the small family size you can use instant water heater else storage heater is preferable for the family with more members.

#5 Water Capacity

This feature is an important factor to choose your geyser. Water capacity is one of the features that determine the geyser price in India. You can find geyser water heater with the capacity starting from 1 Liter. Depending on your usage and family members in the home you can choose your geyser.

#6 Design

The geyser must have a compact and attractive design. Your bathroom shall not look ugly because of the geyser installed in it. Also, The design can be sleek and small for your bathroom and kitchen.

#7 Warranty

Any product with good warranty period is the right option to choose. The same logic can be applied while buying geyser for yourself. There are a number of geysers that come with a different warranty period. Based on your necessity and requirement, you can determine the best option.


The budget comes as the most significant factor for any purchase you make. We have a list of top 10 geysers in India with price, you can use it for your reference.

Top 10 best water heater in India Reviews & Comparison

Here we present you the top 10 best geyser water heater review and comparison along with features for each geyser. You can read the comparison and review to find the best geyser in India. While most of the review usually does not show the geyser price in India we will be doing the in-depth analysis to cover all the aspects of the geyser water heater. 

#10 Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P

Kenstar Jacuzzi water geyserOur first geyser water heater in the list is from Kenstar and has the capacity of 15 Liters. It is a five star rated product for energy efficiency. This heater has the rust free body and is a perfect fit for the winter. Kenstar geyser 15 liter price is something you can afford and the quality of the product will make you go wow. The performance of this heater has been widely condemned as one of the best and is a perfect heater for the family with many members.

Product Information Details
Brand Kenstar
Model Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P
Capacity 15 L
Power 2000 watts


Energy efficient product with 5 star rating All the fittings must be purchased separately.
Good after sales service
With capacity of 15 L this is budget friendly heater


#9 Bajaj New Shakti 15 L

bajaj new shakti water heaterBajaj New Shakti 15 Liter water heater is also a storage water heater and has been quite popular among the users. Bajaj is a trusted brand in India and has been producing some of the best geyser in India for a long time.

This water heater has the capacity to keep water warm for a long time and is 4 stars rated for energy efficiency. It is built with the heating element of 2KW and is budget friendly. You can buy Bajaj New Shakti water heater geyser online at cheapest prices.

Product Information Details
Brand Bajaj
Model Bajaj Shakti Vertical Heater
Capacity 15 L
Power 2KW


Built with new and updated technology. Extra parts are required during installation.
Can retain hot water for long time. 15 L is a perfect for family


#8 Usha Instafresh 1 L

cheap and best geysers in India Made of ABS plastic material the outer of this geyser is weatherproof and a perfect fit for a small family. This geyser is the best water heater in India when it comes to small family. It comes with the capacity of 1 Liter and consumes power around 3000 watts.

With multiple color choice available this geyser has been the popular choice for the small family. Usha instafresh is a lightweight geyser and has been produced by taking consideration of all safety measures.

Product Information Details
Brand Usha
Model Usha Instafresh
Capacity 1 L
Power 3000 watts


Made from world class ABX plastic Only feasible for small family and consumes more power for small capacity.
Lightweight and perfect for small family
Waterproof body with warranty of 2 years


#7 Crompton Greaves 3 L Geyser

crompton geysers The Crompton Greaves Solarium geyser is an instant geyser that comes with the capacity of 3 Liter and consumes the power of 3000 watts. It is one of the bestselling water heaters in India and is recommended for all family.

With the decent and compact look, this heater can be used anywhere in bathroom or kitchen. This has been one of the best seller geyser in most e-commerce sited because of its low price and efficiency.

Product Information Details
Brand Crompton
Model Crompton Solarium
Capacity 3 L
Power 3000 watts


Fast water heating The inlet and outlet pipe along with 16A plug must be bought separately.
Easy installation
Rust free body with compact looks


#6 Maharaja Whiteline Classico 25 L   

maharaja brand geyser is one of the best water heater in India The Maharaja Classico heater is one of the best geyser water heaters you can find in the storage category. It has the capacity of 25 Liters and consumes only 2000 watts. It is energy efficient and has the long lasting heating element.

If the water goes too hot the heater is turned off by the thermal cut out feature present in it. This heater comes with the metal body. You can check price and review Maharaja water heater geyser online in India.

Product Information Details
Brand Maharaja
Model Maharaja Whiteline Classico 25 L
Capacity 25 L
Power 2000 watts


25 L capacity heater, useful for large number of people The capacity is too big and sometimes heated water may go wasted.
Heater is automatically off when water gets heated
Energy efficient heater consumes only 2000 watts.


#5 AO Smith HSE – SDS -25    

one of the best geysers in IndiaThis heater comes with a capacity of 25 Liter storage capacity and has glossy outlook. It has vertical mount setup and is the best seller in the water heater category.

It is made up of blue diamond glass line tank that protects the heater from corrosion and hard water. The heater has the warranty period of 7 years and is a five star rated product. With advanced inbuilt technology, the heater can be useful for any places in house or office. Buy AO Smith Water Heater Geyser online and check reviews and features on Amazon.

Product Information Details
Brand AO Smith
Model AO Smith HSE – SDS – 25
Capacity 25 L
Power 2000 watts


New water heater with advanced settings Price is on the higher side compared to other heaters.
Large capacity of 25 L and is useful for big families
Warranty period is long shows the product is long lasting


#4 Bajaj Majesty 3 Liter

bajaj geaser water heater An efficient water heater under instant water heater Bajaj Majesty is number four on our list. This heater has the capacity of 3 liter and consumes 3KW heating power. Bajaj majesty heater is durable and lasts for the longer run of time.

The heater performs well when installed on the ground floor and has high-performance review from many users.

Product Information Details
Brand Bajaj
Model Bajaj Majesty
Capacity 3 L
Power 3000 watts


Perfect when used in cold part of India Fitting equipment must be purchased separately.
Efficient heater and is worth the value
Perfect fit for small family


#3 AO Smith EWS

one of the best geysers in IndiaThis 3 Liter capacity heater is built with high-quality plastic material that prevents it from rusting and degrading.

Also, the heating element is prevented from any possible damage by covering it with the glass. The heater consumes 3000 watts power and comes with 3-year element warranty and 5-year tank warranty.

Product Information Details
Brand AO Smith
Model AO Smith EWS
Capacity 3 L
Power 3000 watts


Outer body is made with good quality plastic for durability. Good for high rise building but may not be ideal for small homes.
Heating element protected with glass, extending its life.
Good for big families and can be used in kitchen or bathroom


#2 Racold Pronto 3L

geyser water heater from racoldThe number one geyser to be purchased online with a capacity of 3 L has been the popular choice among the consumers.

This heater has the compact design and has parts available everywhere. Out body of this heater is rustproof and has the five-star rating for energy efficiency.

With the efficient thermostat, the water retaining capability has been exemplary. It heats water instantly and is a perfect fit for small-scale usage.

Product Information Details
Brand Racold
Model Racold Pronto
Capacity 3 L
Power 3000 watts


Efficient water heating and protective outer body This heater is little slow when used in the shower.
Heats water within 3 minutes
Power consumption is efficient and this heater is used for small family.


#1 Bajaj Flora 3 Liter Instant Water Heater

best instant water heaterNumber one in our list is taken by one of the most popular and trusted brands in India. Bajaj flora heater is instant water heater that comes with the awesome package for budget geyser with almost all features.

This heater comes with the durable heating element and strong plastic for outer body. It comes with multiple safety systems and neon indicator for power on indicator. Bajaj flora consumes 3KW power and is one of the best geysers in India.

Product Information Details
Brand Bajaj
Model Bajaj Flora
Capacity 3 L
Power 3000 watts


Budget friendly heater with compact stylish looks There is need to buy additional parts during installation.
Good for small requirement
Budget friendly


My Personal Recommendation

After intensive review and comparison out of the top 10 geysers in India, I would like to recommend my two choices. While making this recommendation my choice will be the mix of budget and features. One of my recommendations will be high on the price with quality features and the next one will be budget heater with basic features.

best instant water heater My first recommendation for geyser will be a good choice for small family and comes under the instant category. Bajaj Flora with 3 Liter capacity is a good fit for small-scale operations and is easy to install and use. It fits within budget and has durable body parts. I would prefer this geyser for small families.



one of the best geysers in India The second recommendation for geysers is for a big family and has a larger capacity of 25 liters and is on the higher side of the budget. When you want all your family members to use the hot water continuously this heater can be your choice. It can retain hot water for a good time and is useful for the big family. This heater from AO Smith is best in the storage category.

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Winter season is knocking at the door. The name of shower scares us a lot right? Well! What about buying a new geyser for this winter? There are different types of geyser available in the market and one such kind is the gas geyser. It is gaining popularity all over the world.

Winter is knocking at the door and you must be looking out for the best room heater that will heat up your room? Well! If yes, then you are in the right place.


The final decision always comes from you the consumers on what you want to buy. However, you can use this review as references before you make the actual purchase. There are a variety of geysers and prices range in the market. With geysers, the 10-liter price being in between the price of 3 Liter and 15 liters, the choice of geyser in India is usually either 3 Liter or 15 Liter geyser water heater. You can use our comparison table and make the best choice based on your requirement.

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