Top 5 Best Faber Chimney Review & Price In India 2018

The best electric chimneys are not huge and massive as one would imagine. Made simply of stainless steel, they are, truth be told, extremely smooth and run well with any kitchen stylistic theme. They are conically formed with two channels: oil and charcoal. These chimneys are fitted with a motor that guarantees quick suction of gases around, with minimum clamor. They are installed using chimney pipes that accompany the buy. Most chimneys likewise accompany a lifetime warranty. Here are the Top 5 best Faber Chimney Review. Which you will like to buy according to the suction power and the price!

 Top 5 Faber Chimney Review In India

 You will find the Best Faber Chimney Price along with reviews & features.

#5 Faber 60cm 1095 m3/hr Kitchen Chimney Review

 Faber Kitchen Chimney


Keep your kitchen settings clean with the Faber Chimneys. It has got amazing features like unique 3D T2S2 technology, and auto-cleaning function that makes perfect for cleaning dirt, smoke, and grease in kitchens. Hence, we’ve given top priority in the list of best kitchen chimney. The powerful motors come with a strong suction power with a capacity of 1095 m3/hr. This Faber kitchen Chimney features a baffle filtration technology to support especially the Indian cooking (oily substances) and allows vapors to change the direction.

The fumes or gases get penetrated into the chimney using a 3-way suction flow. Further, it also helps in the reduction of 15% grease and 10 dB of noise. There's 4 pushbutton switches 3 for speed and 1 for LED light. You can turn them on/off as per your cooking requirements. The little LED’s on chimneys emits bright light by consuming less power. This feature is essential at night times while your favorite recipes.


Moreover, it is made of stainless steel to use for a long time and makes easy to clean (i.e. dishwasher safe). As the motors are made of copper material, ensures less noise and durability. Besides, these wonderful features, the manufacturer offers a 1-year comprehensive warranty on the product and 5 years on motor. Wrapping up, this is the best kitchen chimney in India that offers outstanding performance at high prices. It features a unique 3D T2S2 technology to suck the air in multiple directions, thereby quickly deters the smoke, gases in a room. You can check this Faber Chimney Review and Specs on Amazon.

3 Layer Baffle Filter constructed of Stainless steel, to last a lifetime hence no replacement costIt does not have an auto clean feature
3 Speed Operation
Push Button control panel


#4 Faber 60cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney Review

 fiber chimney price


Our top best pick is Faber 60 cm 1000 m3/h Chimney (Hood Tratto Plus BK LTW 60, Black) as it's designed so that decreases the cleaning time which means you get more opportunity to go through with your friends and family. This Faber Kitchen Chimney is one of the bestselling models accessible on the market. Reliant on the use, the guts of oil accumulator should be lapped once every month. No additional exertion is essential for cleaning the oil accumulators. This kitchen chimney enhances the look of the whole kitchen because of its effortless and appealing design.


If you look both for power and design in a Chimney then this could be your pick. It accompanies a touch control, auto clean, confuses channel that incredibly compliments the channel. This product is totally easy to use made for the creating a decent ambiance in the kitchen. Faber Hoods accompany ground-breaking motor for a proficient suction limit. Being great it likewise guarantees the long sturdiness and lesser commotion.

12 Year Warranty on Motor and Rotor, along with 1-year Comprehensive warranty Faber hoods accompany 12 years warranty on Motor and Rotor, gives you finish genuine feelings of serenity. You can Check This Faber Chimney Review on Amazon.

3 layer baffle filter allowing you easy cleaning and better result.It has no auto clean features.
Push Buttons operations.
LED – 2 x 2 watts


#3 Faber 60 cm 800 m3/h Kitchen Chimney Review

 Faber kitchen chimney Price


Faber India is one of the famous kitchen chimney manufacturers. We are the company who made the chimney or hood. Hood pleasant in addition to beautiful glass chimney is also the best solution for your kitchen with astound channel extraordinarily for Indian cooking. Bewilder channels are of stainless steel, making them to a great degree hard-wearing and giving the hood an extremely professional appearance.

In addition, they are effective in the dishwasher or also by hand. Another advantage of Faber chimney is 12 years warranty on motor and rotor that gives you genuine feelings of serenity while using the product. It accompanies the great suction intensity of 800m3 or hr.


With regards to selecting a kitchen chimney, Faber is the main name that flies into your mind. Faber has set up itself as one of the most trustworthy suppliers of kitchen chimneys in India. The Faber range of kitchen hoods flaunts one of a kind, tasteful designs, and advanced innovation. The Faber 60 cm 800 m3/h Chimney is a 60 cm wide, divider mounted chimney that offers a wide assortment of features making each cooking undertaking a genuinely rewarding and agreeable smoke-free understanding. You can Browse this Faber Chimney Price in India.

Beautiful black curved glass look to suit every kitchenNo auto clean function
3 layer baffle filter allowing you easy cleaning and better result
Push Buttons operations


#2 Faber 60cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney (Hood Ray Plus LTW 60, 1 Baffle Filter

 Faber chimney Review


The kitchen Chimney has an interesting 3D T2S2 Technology to give 3-path suction to a smoke-free environment. It also comes with a great 250 watt motor for an effective suction limit. This Fiber kitchen Chimney guarantees longer strength and lesser clamor. Further, it creates fewer clamors to maintain a quiet environment in your kitchen so you can center around your cooking and conversations without any disturbance.

Additionally, it has LED light combines magnificent light distribution with the low level of vitality consumption and minimal warmth emission. Additionally, Faber Kitchen chimney accompanies electronic touch control with backlight. It is round base which makes it more exact and gives overvoltage protection. The product comes with12 years warranty on motor and rotor.

The product as well as joins the Lesser Noise level to give you a mollusk environment in your kitchen. You can center around your cooking without any disturbance. The LED light combines amazing light distribution with a low level of vitality consumption. It Produces almost no warmth and gives high splendor, long lifespan and low voltage consumption. 


250 Watt Powerful Motor, to give best 1000 m3/hr suction capacityLittle bit expensive
Beautiful black curved glass look to suit every kitchen
3 layer baffle filter allowing you easy cleaning and better result

#1 Faber 60cm 1295 m3/hr Chimney Review

 faber kitchen chimney


Faber is a setup name everywhere throughout the world to the extent kitchen appliances are concerned. The exceptional 3D Y2S2 Technology accommodates a 3-way suction thereby ensuring the kitchen remains smoke-free. You have a 3-layer Baffle channel that suits Indian kitchens the best. The 3-speed operation also makes it a profoundly proficient stack in many ways. The push control buttons make operating the stack easy. Two 5-watt CFL knobs make for not too bad illumination. The 60 cm width guarantees that it takes into account the little cooking ranges adequately. However, the higher suction control makes it an incredible buy.


Faber 3 layer confound channel enables vapors to all of a sudden hack and change direction, thereby separating oil particles. The product comes from Stainless steel to keep going for a lifetime, consequently no cost for replacement. It very well may be going through effective cleaning in the dishwasher or by hand. Apart from this, the Faber is also the world's only 3-way suction smokestack that scoops out the smoke quicker. Extraordinary 3D Suction control gives you best in class Suction control. The product additionally gives you a 25% higher suction area, 15% better oil reduction and 10dBA Noise reduction. 

Stainless steel body, beautiful conical shapeNo more cons
3 Layer Baffle Filter
3 Speed Operation

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This was our Faber Chimney Review to help you in making a better choice. So, these were the Top best 5 Faber Chimney which you can buy. Do let us know which one of these you liked the most!  You can compare Faber Chimney Price, Review, and Specification. 


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  1. V hopeless product as gives too much sound after installation. One of my closed installed this chimney at Weston Towers; sector 126 Mohali; after too much requests and lodging complaints; no body turn up from co as giving too much sound. I had to buy 2 chimneys for installation in same flat but change my mind and will not recommen a buy y Fabre chimney in ur house keeping in view it’s service and quality product.
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  2. Just 15 days back my son got installed one chimney. I’m sorry to say They are WORST in giving after sale service. After installing after 5 days it start giving trouble… After several complaints no one came to solve problem… I strongly recommend that no body deal with this company’s products…


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