Top 10 Best Deep Fryer – Reviews, Specifications & Features

Are you willing to buy a new Deep fryer? There are so many models available on the market today. Also, so many manufacturers are coming up with a new product every year. Selecting for the Best Deep fryer among the many might be a difficult job at hand. However, we have sorted out to make sure that every best product comes in front of you. Here is the Top 10 Best Deep fryer in India that you would surely like. Keeping all the factors in mind, you can choose to buy any of the Top 10 Best Deep Fryer!

Top 10 Best Deep Fryer India

Below this, you will find the Best deep fryer reviews & product description.

10. Baltra BDF-101 2 L Electric Deep Fryer

Baltra BDF-101 2 L Electric Deep Fryer


You will save money using only 4 cups of oil for 4 servings of fries, chicken, onion rings, or tater tots. You can store the oil in the fryer or pour it into a container to keep in the fridge. The deep fryer will fry meat and seafood crispy crunchy with the insides done to perfection every time you cook.

There is no basket to clean. Use the scoop included that drains the oil off. Put your food on paper towels for a few minutes then serve to delicious perfection. The inside is non-stick and is not coated with porcelain/ceramic so that it’s easy to clean by hand. Do not put in the dishwasher because the electrical components will not be okay.

Pros Cons
Easy to useSingle use appliances- can only be used for deep frying
This fryer offers preset frying times and temperature


9. Presto 05442 Cool Daddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer

Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer


It will cook up to 10-pounds of chicken and the 2 baskets do not transfer flavors. Independent temperature control also lets you cook each basket of food at different temperatures. The fry wells are stainless-steel and very easy to clean along with the covers.

The stainless-steel fry wells and powerheads are also removable for easy cleaning and reinstallation. The fry baskets fit well and have safety handles. There are no drain plugs or timers.

Pros Cons
Simple and compact designThe fryer has a small capacity of at most 6 people which makes it unsuitable for large families
Cool-touch exterior
Adjustable thermostat


8. SKYLINE GA-009 3.0 Litre Deep Fryer

Skyline best deep fryer


Double baskets give you the ability to cook 2 different foods at the same time. The immersed heating elements heat fast and cook fast. The unit is easy to put together, use and clean.

With the double baskets with hooks, it is easy to drain your food of residual oil. You can dip the food into hot oil and lift out while the lid is not open for splatter-free frying. The fryer baskets are stainless-steel and dishwasher safe.

Pros Cons
Double basketsLack an oil drainage or oil filtration system which makes cleaning a greasy and time-consuming task
Easy to drain your food of residual oil
Easy to clean


7. Skyline Deep Fryer-VTL-5424 Deep Fryer

Skyline Deep Fryer-VTL-5424 Deep Fryer


The 2 tanks at 2500-Watts each (5000-Watts total) are of heavy-duty stainless-steel with 2 thermostats for individual controls. Cover the cooking area with the included lids to avoid splashing hot oil that will scald you.

The residue plates filter out the sediment, and also food remains. Each tank holds also 6 liters for a total of 12 liters for the fryer. Be sure if you only use 1 tank that the other one is not on.

Pros Cons
Dishwasher SafeNo Cons
Ease of use
Power Consumption: 2000 Watt


6. Orbit DF-2000 Electric Deep Fryer

Oobit DF-2000 Electric Deep Fryer


The thermostats are easy to gain access to and the lid covers must be put on top to keep oil from splashing on you. You will also have crispy tender chicken with the power of this unit.

The heating element is under the bottom panel with holes and is easy to clean. The basket fits on top of the holes so that food does not stick or scorch.

The control panel uses a green heat-on light and also a red temperature light. The power on/off switch is red on the right side that toggles between the function. Temperature selection is an analog knob.

Pros Cons
Temperature ControlThere is no Cons
Aluminium net basket for easy frying
Cool touch body


5. Orbit DF30 3.5 L Electric Deep Fryer

Orbit DF30 3.5 L Electric Deep Fryer


The unit is the heavy duty of stainless-steel with 2 power plugs to use both sides at one time and a single side you won’t plug in if not used. The handles are an excellent quality plastic that stays cooler. With this unit, you can fry different foods such as chicken, egg rolls, and jalapeno poppers.

It gets better in supermarkets, snack bars, fast food arenas, home, and any business such as schools. The control panel is analog, not digital with a knob to select the temperature you want. The power light is red and the ready and hot light is green.

Pros Cons
Full Stainless Steel BodyNo other color choice
Overheat Protection
Easy To Clean Oil Container


4. Skyline Deep Fryer

skyline deep fryer


The Skyline Deep Fryer has two zones of heating and to remain cool to keep food frying. It comes with no singeing or charring. The frying basket is also there and is dishwasher safe.

Cleaning the unit is easy with the convenient spigot drain. Pull out the hose stowed in the front, grab a container that closes, and drain the oil into it. Store in the fridge and use it the next time you deep fry. With the oil cycle indicator, you will also know when it’s time to use new oil. With this handy feature, your food will not taste like previous foods cooked so they are tasty and fresh every time.

Pros Cons
Easy to cleanNo other color choice
Dishwasher safe


3. Presto Life 1.5 Ltr Cool Touch Body Deep Fryer

Presto Life 1.5 Ltr Cool Touch Body Deep Fryer


The Presto Life 1.5 Ltr Cool Touch Body Deep Fryer with timer and a free extra odor filter is yours for an inexpensive amount. You can use 1 of the 2 baskets for French fries. Use the other one for fish both cooking at the same time. Use the large basket for larger amounts of food.

With the window in the lids you can see through, you can always check up on what’s cooking. The automatic timer also has 60-minutes to shut down automatically. You will have a ‘ready’ to use light. The housing and inside are also stainless-steel. The activated filter will reduce those fishy odors.

Pros Cons
Timer and extra odor filterNo Cons
Cool touch handle
Thermostat control


2. American Micronic – 3 Litres Imported Deep Fryer

American Micronic - 3 Litres Imported Deep Fryer


The American Micronic – 3 Litres Imported Deep Fryer using 1800-Watts of power heats the oil to 374-degrees F. just what you need for frying anything. It is also removable for hand washing. The see-through lid lets you see what’s cooking.

The oil reservoir is removable, enamel coated and holds 1-gallon of oil. The 4-quart (2.8 liter) size holds 2.3-pounds of food. You’ll like the cool handle on the stainless-steel mesh basket that is dishwasher safe.

Fry potatoes, onion rings, battered fish and other seafood, chicken, rabbit, veggies, donuts, and a ton of other good crispy things.

Pros Cons
adjustable temperature settingNo other color choice
Detachable oil tank with non-stick coating
easy cleaning


1. Inalsa Professional 2-Litre Deep Fryer

Inalsa Professional 2-Litre Deep Fryer


The Inalsa Professional 2-Litre Deep Fryer has a stainless-steel basket holding 2.50 pounds of food. The tank also holds 3.5 liters (3.7 quarts) of oil that heats up super-hot with the 1700-Watts of power. It uses an advanced oil system temperature control to seal in the foods goodness with a crispy exterior the way you like it.

Make crispy onion rings, French fries all that satisfy your taste buds. The light on the bottom comes on to tell you the oil is hot and ready. The parts are dishwasher safe. The reservoir that holds the oil with the heating element lifts out of the unit making it a breeze to clean.

Pros Cons
Adjustable temperature controlNo color choice
Completely detachable parts for easy clean
It has an immersed heating element


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Choosing the Best Deep Fryer is a very tough call; especially when there are so many products to choose from. However, here are the Top 10 Best Deep Fryer that you might love to get! Let us know which one you liked the most!

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