Top 5 Best Cold Press Juicer Review & Buying Guide 2018

The benefits of juicing are presently broadly known. Many a greater amount of us want to guarantee juicing is a customary part of our lifestyle. Juicing enables us to consume huge quantities of supplements effortlessly and rapidly, therefore boosting our wellbeing and essentialness.  With the consciousness of these medical advantages in mind, we presently want the option to make our very own juice at home. Here are the Top 5 Best Cold Press Juicer India Reviews 2018.

A juicer isn't only an incredible addition to your kitchen however an investment in your wellbeing. If you are in the market for a juicer it is important to settle on an informed decision and understand the additional benefits a cold press juicer offers.

So why a Cold Press Juicer?

Cool press juice is just prevalent quality. The nature of this juice is clear in both taste and shading. Cool press juice has significantly more flavor and is more vibrant in shading than what you would see delivered from a centrifugal style of juicer. This outcome is because of the delicate squeezing action that happens with a chilly press juicer. This action removes however much fluid as could be expected from your create, resulting in the mash that is to a great degree dry. All the decency and vibrancy is then retained in your supplement stuffed juice.

Additional supplements are a noteworthy advantage while juicing with this juicer. Your chilly press juicer will retain up to 60% a greater number of supplements than centrifugal style juicers, giving your body a power stuffed burst of vitamins, follow minerals and catalysts. The longevity of these supplements is maintained because of the delicate idea of chilly press juicing. Rather than needing to drink your juice instantly to gain benefits, you can store your chilly press squeeze and drink a “living juice” up to 72 hours after the fact. It is the most advantageous approach to drink juice.

The real benefits of buying one:

The pressing action with the extraction of however much squeeze as could reasonably be expected outcomes in a higher yield, meaning you capitalize on your create, with the greatest measure of juice delivered. A huge assortment of crisp juice options are conceivable from vegetables and natural product, and in addition the capacity to juice herbs like parsley and mint viably. It is likewise ideal for wheatgrass.

Cleaning is likewise a noteworthy consideration when deciding on a juicer. We want to be juicing as frequently as would be prudent and not have something like an extensive clean-up to be the deterrent to making your day by day squeeze. Cool press juicers don't utilize substantial work sifters and cutting edges so therefore the clean-up is considerably faster than the centrifugal style juicer. Most parts are basically rinsed and dry with typically only a little strainer needing cleaning.

Top 5 Best Cold Press Juicer Price In India

Today, we will be reviewing the top 10 best cold press juicer on the market.

1. Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

1. Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer


The input chute is sufficiently huge for one-fourth of an apple need to cut an apple into somewhere around 4 pieces. The extraction mechanism is great and the all plastic outer body feels solid and strong. The entire operation is clamor free when contrasted with the drone of a blender mixer. The betoken – the part which cuts and concentrates juice from the mash is sufficiently overwhelming and fits well.

One area of botheration is the pulp(dry organic product buildup) and juice outlets have a touch of the limited neck and difficult to clean particularly the mash one. All parts are 100 percent BPA free and made with the predominant nature of materials: Suger made of Ultem plastic (rocket material), Juicer bowl made of Triton plastic, Strainers made of stainless steel 304 and Ultem plastic. Takes only 1 minute to clean the juicer, pour 300 ml water and run the unit, most mash on the strainer will be cleaned.

Product User manual could be enhanced a considerable measure mainly about the smoothie and solidified natural product connections including a couple of Youtube recordings. The smoothie connection ought to be utilized for making thicker consistency juices like a mango mash shake (aamras) or banana milkshake.

The solidified organic product connection is utilized to make dessert from thick solidified natural product like that from banana or chikkoo to get a frozen yogurt softie like consistency. The typical juicer connection takes into account all other organic product juices (natural products with great dampness content). Not attempted with dry natural product drain separates like almond drain despite the fact that that should be conceivable (attempt at claim chance).

Pros  Cons
The high quality of materials used in the manufactureThe juice does have some fiber after the cold press process.
All parts are 100% BPA free

2. Usha Nutripress (362F) 240-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

Usha Nutripress (362F) 240-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer


The innovative Usha Nutripress Cold Press Juicer protects the natural taste and nutrition of products of the soil by squeezing and pressing through its Cold Press Technology instead of grinding like other juicers. The Wide Mouth Juicer, takes in entire, whole ingredients and deserts no juice to give most extreme nutrition to your body. Its low temperature juicing and quiet operation extricates more squeeze, more nutrition and more taste from vegetables and natural products. The low temperature juicing likewise increases the time span of usability of the juice. The innovative juicer gives a glass of new, unadulterated squeeze in simple seconds. Its wide feeding cylinder lessens preparation and processing time to minimum. Get more squeeze out of life!

The Auger is utilized to gradually squash ingredients for Natural Juicing. Low-temperature natural juicing at 65 RPM to retain supplements in quiet operation. Utilize the feeding cylinder to bolster in organic products, vegetables and nuts, and grains. Use the Pusher to push down natural products along the feeding tube when required. Utilize the mash container to gather mash and solidified natural product treats from mash outlet. Helpful for making unadulterated juices with practically zero mash, for example, green vegetable squeezes or organic product juices. Valuable for making thicker, pulpier juices, smoothies, lattes, and soups.

  Pros  Cons
The auger is made of high-grade BPA free plastic.The number of attachments requiring cleaning is more
The smart cap prevents the spillage of juice from the jars.
The juicing bowl holds the auger, spinning brush and filters.

3. Panasonic MJ-L500 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

3. Panasonic MJ-L500 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer


The juicer's peaceful, high-proficient low-speed motor effectively squashes, crushes and concentrates to make natural squeeze that convey supplements rapidly. The Slow Juicer creates more squeeze while the moderate compression system produces less froth and opposes juice discoloration from oxidation for longer-lasting flavor. The L500 Slow Juicer can be immediately rinsed between juices by just running clean water through the juicer's adaptable anti-trickle top. The Slow Juicer is easy to utilize and clean. A warm, damp fabric is everything necessary to keep the base pristine and looking like new.

The juicing screw and strainer are made with a to a great degree sturdy plastic that is 8 times stronger than other plastics, to withstand rock solid juicing. The juicer gradually pounds and crushes products of the soil. The low speed squeezing action jam healthy chemicals postpones the oxidation procedure. Little footprint. Have squeezed carrots, oranges, beetroot, apples.

Works well. Easy to amass and dismantle. Cleaning the spout from which mash turns out is difficult and one can never make certain if some little piece of the mash isn't left inside. Easy to clean and great performance. Fraction of the expense of Hurom Cold Press Juicer for a similar proficiency and quality! Must have for each home if you want to savor healthy juices without any additives and easy for your body!

Suitable for soft and hard fruitsThe price is a bit on the higher side
Frozen attachment, juice cup and pulp cup
Warranty: 5 years on motor and 1 year on rest of the product

4. Hurom HN Series, 43 RPM Cold Press Slow Juicer

Hurom HN Series, 43 RPM Cold Press Slow Juicer


The Hurom Slow Squeezing System juices without friction or effect. The innovation, selective to Hurom, delicately presses the organic product with low speed, minimizing the loss of supplements by warmth and oxidation and maximizing the natural taste and nutrition. These supplements assume an essential role in sustaining our bodies, helping us feel much improved and look more beneficial. ULTEM another eco-accommodating hard core materials.

Hurom Juice has an enriched measure of natural vitamins, minerals, and compounds. These supplements enhance the skin's well-being, diet, and additionally ensure the strength of people presented to different grown-up sicknesses in the current lifestyle.

The HN moderate juicer turns at a speed of only 43 revolutions for every minute a double stage extraction. The Ultem wood screw successfully pulverizes the create and presses the resulting mash against a work screen to separate it. The final outcome is a full-seasoned juice that retains every one of the supplements, vitamins, and catalysts.

The Hurom Slow Juicer encourages people get back to a more advantageous, more natural method for accessing imperative supplements and enjoying the rich natural kind of products of the soil difficult for the vast majority to totally keep away from hurtful foods.

The Hurom Slow juicer helps right the wrongs of regular living with tasty supplement rich juice. HUROM gives restoring balance to diets. Hurom's focused edge comes from quality combined with faultless customer benefit. We will give full information to customers to help their decision for wellbeing and put top need on customer satisfaction.

Pros  Cons
Energy saving 150 watts electric A/C motor for longer operationsThe strainer does not remove the lumps perfectly at times
43 rotations per minute, squeezes the fruits and vegetable twice effectively than its competitors
Extracts 35 percent more juice than a centrifugal juicer

5. Havells Nutrisense 150W Cold Press Juicer

Havells Nutrisense 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer 150W


Consuming natural food is the best wellspring of nutrition, and there is no better method for giving your body the natural goodness than having a glass of crisp juice. With this cool press juicer from the house of Havells you can without much of a stretch get new squeeze from the choicest organic products or vegetables. Appropriate out of the crate, this juicer is prepared to utilize and using the juicer is mess-free additionally, thanks to its design esthetics.

The juicer features a ground-breaking motor, together with speed control, stainless steel sharp edges and food-review plastic body. This nutrisense 150W cool press moderate juicer stands out due to its licensed moderate crush innovation, featuring 47 RPM speed that emulates juice extraction by hand. This chilly press moderate juicer additionally accompanies a smoothie producer connection. It effectively separates more squeeze from organic products, vegetables, wheatgrass, and soy. With this juicer available to you can get new, healthy and sterile squeeze each time, inevitably.

The moderate juicer features the protected moderate crush innovation. It runs the motor at 47 RPM and basically mirrors juice extraction by hand. This moderate extracting process is likewise more productive since it separates more squeeze from the leafy foods. The moderate juicer has a worked in strainer.

It separates the organic product/vegetable buildup from the juice viably so you get clear squeeze each time without having to manually separate the fiber and the buildup from the juice. The body of the moderate juicer is made of stainless steel, while the plastic bits are made ABS material. These make the juicer food review as well as make it strong.

    Pros  Cons
Stainless steel ABS materialSuitable for extracting juice from all fruits except oranges and sugarcane
Self-cleaning option
Slow squeeze technology

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It isn't only offers you the convenience of making nutritious squeeze at home, they likewise often offer additional functions like capacity to make nut drain, pesto and sorbets by means of a processing function. This action likewise maintains the delicate procedure, allowing the create to be as in a natural state as could reasonably be expected.

This outcome in better taste without the need to include season enhancers. These additional functions offer the proprietor of a chilly press juicer a juicer, as well as a crude food kitchen appliance. This style of cool press juicer enables you to eat as cleanly as conceivable at home without the need to wonder about every one of those additives and concealed nasties in bundled food.

If you want to include additional leafy foods into your diet, juicing is an extraordinary method to do this. If you want to supercharge this procedure, settle on this juicer. The outcome will be a predominant tasting juice, higher quantities of juice and the capacity to do this as effectively and conveniently as could be expected under the circumstances.
Here you will get to see reviews and comparison of the top 10 Best Cold Press Juicer. Don't forget to check out the reviews on different e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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