Top 5 Best Bosch Drilling Machine- Reviews & Specification

If you are in the home or office, then there is a lot of things which usually needs to get installed or get fitted into the walls, doors or even to ceilings. At this time, to perform this, you need a drill machine for this type of work. Drill machine is the type of mechanical device which has developed together with the principle of rotating the tool to create the holes in any surfaces. These machines are seen to be mostly used in the construction industry.

If you are going for the drill machine, then you can find different kinds of machines along with different types and sizes too for the machine. You can find a drill machine easily in the market. But in the market, there are many types of drill machines which are available for the users. So, if you are searching for the right kind of drilling machine for you, then you need to go for  Best Bosch Drilling Machine. Bosch is a well established and powerful brand in the market. Here is the perfect buying guide for the same.

Different Types of Drilling Machine


  • Portable drilling machine

This kind of machine is said to be commonly used in all kind of workshop. This machine helps in drilling the small holes and can be operated by holding it in hand.

  • Sensitive drilling machine

This kind of machine is said to help the user to drill some small holes at a very high speed. The machine is said to be mounted on the bench or even on the floor, and after that, you can start your drilling work.

  • Radial drilling machine

This machine has got a radial arm in which drilling head can be fitted. If you want to drill in an unusual material, then this machine helps a lot in this as it got the capability to drill with a variable size in the materials. It can get rotate or can get to an extremely low position also.

  • Gang drilling machine

The drilling machine has got the number of drill heads which are placed side by side with more than one or different size which can be drilled at a time. The distance between each of them can be varied and can be adjusted as per your need also.

  • Automatic drilling machine

The machine can go for performing a series of machining operations which is at the successive units and can help in transferring the work from one point to other automatically.

These are the types of drilling machines that you can see when you go for the drilling machines. If you are thinking to buy a drilling machine, then you need to follow these things before going to buy the machine for your office, home or any other place. Here is the is a list of things that you need to see before going to buy the drilling machine.

What to See Before Going to Buy a Drilling Machine?

When you are headed to the market to buy, then make sure to go through these things properly.

  1. Cord or Cordless machine

In the market, you can get two types of drilling machine which are cordless and corded. If you are going for the cordless drilling machines, then you need to see that you can use the machine at any place and at any time. The machine runs on battery but the battery life is not long, and it required regular charges to keep it on the operating mode.

If you go for the corded drilling machine, then you need not have to worry about battery life as it will directly run on electricity. You need to connect the machine with supply, and there you go. So, before going for the machine, you need to clear about which one to go for.

  1. Go for chuck

Chuck is a type of thing that helps in holding a different kind of bits in the drilling machine. So, if you are going for this, then you need to choose it from different types as well as sizes. In the market, you can get two types of chucks which are keyless and keyed.

  1. Check for speed

The machine should have got the variable speed feature so that you can use a different kind of speed for different kind of materials to drill.

  1. Presence of torque clutch

This feature is one of the important features in the machine. This helps you to set the maximum torque point in which the drilling machine can get stop and prevents the driving of screw to the material.

So, these are the things that you need to check when you go out for buying of drilling machine.

In the market, you can find several companies all sell the drilling machine for the users. But not all the machines are best nor provide all kind of needed features. If you are in search of the best drilling machine that you can use at any place and at any time, then you can buy the Bosch drilling machine. The Bosch, it has got many drilling machines in its fleet but to make it easy for you, you need to go for these products.

Top 5 Best Bosch Drilling Machines For you

Here is the list of best bosch drilling machine, you can go through the post to select the best one according to your need. Checkout specification below

#1Bosch GSB 600 RE 13mm 600 Watt Smart Drill Kit

Bosch GSB 600 RE 13mm 600 Watt Smart Drill Kit

This bosch drilling machine is a multi-function drilling machine. With this, you can get about a 600 W power, and it can help you in drilling holes in the metal, wood, plastic, and concrete. This has got some of the rapid hammering action, and it can be shifted between drilling and screw driving modes. The design of the machine is also user-friendly, and it is of lightweight and compact for the easy use for the users.


Pros of machineCons of machine
  • It has got a powerful motor of 600 W.
  • It has got no warranty.
  • It has got a powerful motor of 600 W.
  • The drill machine is of Bosch only.
  • It has got both forward and reverses function.
  • The other parts are not made by the company and are outsourced.
  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • It is lightweight and compact.

#2 Bosch GSB 450-Watt Plastic Impact Drill Set

Bosch GSB 450-Watt Plastic Impact Drill Set

If you want a good impact giving drilling machine for yourself, then you need to for this machine. This Bosch drilling machine is one of the best products of the company, and it is the kind of product which stands out when it is compared with the other sets. If you want any kind of small holes in your place, then go for this machine. The drill machine can drill on the wood, metal or even in the concrete also. This drill is best for drilling 10mm holes.

Pros of machineCons of machine
  • It comes with a reversible and rotatable brush that can be optimally used.
  • It comes with selective concrete and tiles.
  • It has got a forward as well as reverse mode.
It is not powerful enough concerning other machines.
  • The drill has come with the sets. In this set, you
  • It has got limited functionality.
  • You can go for the clean and neat holes in the materials.
  • It has got a lock on button for using it continuously.
  • It comes with a warranty period.

#3 Bosch GSB 10 RE 500-Watts Professional Impact Drill

Bosch GSB 10 RE 500-Watts professional Impact Drill


This model is said to be the sturdy model from the company. The machine designs are such a way that it helps in repairing as well as fixing jobs. This can deal with indoor or outdoor work. This Bosch drilling machine comes with the powerful motor and with a compact design as well as it is light in weight.

Pros of machines

Cons of machines

  • The drilling machine comes with the 500 W powerful motor for drilling.
  • The machine has not got any kind of warranty coverage.
  • It helps in triggering with various speeds.
  • The machine is not provided with the complete package from the company.
  • It has got a hammer function.
  • You will not get a complete set or case of the drill bits with this.
  • It has got a Speed Control lock which keeps the RPM at a very desirable speed.
  • It has got the reverse function also.

#4 Bosch GSB-120- Li Cordless Drill Driver

Bosch GSB-120- Li Cordless Drill Driver


This is the next drilling machine from Bosch Company. This machine is said to be a cordless impact drill driver. The machine comes with the three functions in which you include drilling, screw driving, and impact drilling. This Bosch drilling machine is good as this drill has got the capability that other cordless drills do not get. This comes with the beautiful design, and the handle serves as the battery holder. It is slim and firm grip capacity and can be drilled in steel, masonry, and wood.


Pros of machine

Cons of machine

  • The design is slim, and it is compact.
  • It doesn’t have got the extra battery with itself.
  • It is cordless and portable.
  • The speed of the machine is limited to only 1300 rpm.
  • The machine comes with the magnetic holder which secures the drills.
  • It is not lightweight.
  • It is a bit holder function and no need for chuck.
  • It has got the reverse function.
  • It comes with the warranty.

#5 Bosch Freedom Kit GSB 550-Watt Impact Drill Kit


Bosch Freedom Kit GSB 550-Watt Impact Drill Kit

This is another best model from the Bosch. This comes with a unique drill design. It is very compact and is slim as well. The drill machine has got a 550 W power. There are many machines which have not come with the full kit options. So, if you want to go for this, then this bosch drilling machine will come with the full complete set. It has got a box which is complete with the best kind of accessories for drilling. You can drill in metal, concrete, and wood.


Pros of machines

Cons of machines

  • The machine is compact and slim in design.
  • It does not work with the concrete material.
  • It has got dual functionality.
  • You can’t add more items in the carry box.
  • The machine comes with the auxiliary handle that can help in the good grip.
  • It comes with the handy toolbox case, and it comes with the full set of drill bits, screws and wall plugs also.
  • It has got the depth gauge for the accurate depth measuring.


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These are the top 5 Bosch drilling machine that are mentioned above. If you are still got confusion among them and can’t decide which one is good or preferable concerning others, then here is the recommendation for you.


It is usual that a user should buy these machines by itself and by seeing its features also. But many times the users get confused and find difficulty in choosing the right drilling machine. So, if we got the chance to recommend you the best machine, then as per me, I will recommend Bosch GSB 10 RE 500-Watts professional Impact Drill. This drilling machine helps you in drilling some unusual material, and it is powerful and handy to use too.

There are some customers who all are in search of a budget-friendly drilling machine. If you too want to go for this kind of machine then in the budget-friendly category of drilling machines, you can get Bosch Freedom Kit GSB 550-Watt Impact Drill Kit. This drilling machine comes with the kit, and it is very powerful. You can get all types of things that are used in the kit at a very affordable rate.

Here are two suggestions from us to you. You can check the models and its features in the above. This kind of machines will help you with the best drilling in your homes, offices or any other places.


If you are in search of the best kind of Bosch drilling machine, then you can refer to the above points. These things are mentioned after going through several products of the company. The machines that are mentioned here has got some high rating as well as good feedback from the users who all have used or buy these machines earlier. Hope all the information that are mentioned here are useful and will help you in buying the best kind of drilling machine by which you can use in different places to drill holes in different things or materials.


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