Top 5 Best Baby Bath Tub In India Review, Features & Comparison

So you have brought your little dear baby home from the clinic, and the umbilical string stump has tumbled off. Finally, it is time for his or her first real shower! In any case, fervor often blurs to trepidation when you realize that somehow you should combine your little squirmy with dangerous cleanser suds. This is the place a child bath can be hugely valuable. Here is a list of Top 5 Best Baby Bath Tub in India Reviews & Comparison 2018.

Points to consider 

When shopping for a child bath, there are a couple of points to consider:

– If looking at a plastic tub, ensure that it is thick and durable. The tub should hold both child's weight (and recall you will presumably be using it until the point that infant is no less than 6 months) and the weight of the water while bathing.

– If you are tight on space, a folding tub might be simpler to store. However, many parents don't feel that these infant baths are as strong as ones that don't crease up for storage.

– Some infant baths are designed for use from infancy into toddlerhood. A few parents like these in light of the fact that the movable features enable them to utilize the tub longer, allowing them to prolong the time when they need to put their kid into the grown-up tub.

– Keep in mind that dampness left in the child bath can prompt form and mold. An attachment at the base of the child bath will make it less demanding for water to drain out when shower time is finished.

Inspect the child bath altogether before utilize. Look for sharp edges and harsh spots that could scratch or cut infant while bathing.


Top 5 Best Baby Bath Tub Online in India 

Below we have compiled a list of top 5 Best Baby Bath Tub which are the best selling and which have good features so let's take look at the winner below.

1. Intex Inflatable Baby Bath Tub

Intex Inflatable Baby Pool



The bright Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool gives long stretches of water fun at home. It's designed for toddlers in thick, strong plastic for long outdoor utilize. This pool has around 18 gallons of water limit and can serenely fit children on its inflatable air pocket bar floor. Its three equivalent inflatable, shaded rings can only add to the good times. The vivid inflatable pool gives massive amusing to the children. The toddlers will never get exhausted of playing in this pool.

You can utilize it for up to 6 months babies. If you have another conceived child then bathing is one of the toughest assignments to carry out on regular schedule however, Other's infant bath makes the undertaking easy and a good time for mum and infant. It very well may be effectively dried after utilize. It consumes less room as you can without much of a stretch crease it.




Capacity: 18 gallons (68 Litres) water.No Pump with the tub
Soft inflatable floor.
Three colourful inflated rings.

2. LuvLap Baby Bath tub with Antislip

LuvLap Baby Bathtub with Antislip


Life's little stories sprout with coming of the little one in your life. It finishes your life with many delights of parenthood. Make a sprinkle with child cleanliness products from Luvlap. Since minimal ones merit the best care, our products are uniquely made for your child's delicate skin. They are guaranteed to enable you to infant make a sprinkle in solace and security.

At LuvLap, we attempt to mesh the little stories into our products with an accentuation on kid wellbeing and enrichment of features. With the goal that your little one gets the solace that is next only to the glow of your lap. Conceived with care and made using the most recent wonders of science, all LuvLap products experience different quality checks previously they are dispatched to the stores.

The products are accessible at all leading infant adapt and online stores and conform to the European standards. Luvlap is one of the prestigious brands for child toys, frill, and products in India. This bath from Luvlap is straightforward in design and unravels the reason for which it has made. The bather is appropriate for children from 3 months onwards and you can utilize it as long as your infant appreciates bathing in it.

It comes in multi-hues. The only disadvantage is that it isn't versatile and procures more space contrasted with other products in this section.




Compact size, soft curved edges for baby's protectionThe surface is flat
Plug at the base to drain water easily
In-molded soap case to prevent slipping of soap

3. Intex Inflatable Rectangular Baby Bath Tub

 Intex Inflatable Rectangular Pool


Inflatable Pool for Little Swimmers youngsters love to have some good times in water and what preferred route over to give them a chance to appreciate in a miniature swimming pool. The Intex inflatable rectangular pool brings a reproduction of a real pool for use in the open space. You should simply place it in your garden or in the open patio and fill it with adequate water.

Children will appreciate bathing under the sun in a place encompassed by blooms and trees. The inflatable pool is an outdoor fun frill which is easy to utilize. The pretend pool is made of thick and strong blue inflatable plastic which makes it keep going longer.

Boundless water a good time for toddlers! The blue plastic contributes to making the pool look however much near a real one as could be expected. The air-filled inflatable pool toy is light in weight and easy to move to start with one place then onto the next. It is prescribed for messes with one year and up, so they can have some good times directly in front of you. Part of the range of Intex inflatable toys, this pool has a limit of holding 128L of water. It is a mindfully manufactured fun embellishment that guarantees boundless fun and satisfaction.



Soft inflatable floorThere are no major Cons
Good for use on balconies and terraces
Capacity 81cm of wall height and 27 gal

4. Baybee Amdia Multistage Bathtub

Baybee Amdia Multistage Bath tubDescription:

Baybee shower sets aside a few minutes sheltered, fun and convenient for both child and mother. It resembles gaining an additional combine of hands for mother! It's the main “smart” shower since its remarkable anatomical shape keeps the child in the perfecting position and keeps the infant from slipping under the water.

The additional substantial size and twofold position make Baybee impeccable from the specific first day up to infant's second birthday. Safety Posts Help Prevent Baby From Slipping Under Water Safely Bathe Children in 2 Positions 0-6 Month Infants Bathed in Reclining Position 6-24 Month Toddlers Bathed in Sitting Position Largest Baby Bath Available Add plastic attach the circle to hang on the divider.

The largest and most secure shower accessible Bathe in two positions: Infant (0-6Months) in reclining position and Toddler (6-24+ Months) in sitting position Uniquely contoured shape underpins back, arms, and legs and keeps the infant from slipping submerged.

Keeping the youngster in the perfect bathing position, keep them from slipping underwater Largest infant shower accessible.

Despite the fact that the tub is great and exceptionally valuable there are a few scratches on its sides. The packaging was exceptionally poor. It truly touched base in an extremely shaky box with free tape stuck around it. The closures of the container were half open exposing the tub subsequently the scratches. The tub otherwise is great with two seating styles and is sufficiently enormous to be utilized till the kid is multi-year old.




Keeps baby warm and safe during bath timeNeeds Maintenance at intervals.
The largest and safest bath available Bathe
Baby bath for ages 0 to 24 months

5. Others Plastic Foldable Baby Bath Tub

Others Plastic Foldable Bath Tub for Babies


Folding infant bath – infant bather. Infant bather makes shower time easy and a good time for both infant and mother. Padding adds solace to infant while bathing. Easy to dry after utilize. Buildup resistant and speedy drying fabric foldable for minimized storage. Bright design with soft adjusted edges and soft padding. Perfect for babies! Easy to use at home or while traveling.

This Baby Bath Tub has head bolster cushion that gives additional comfort and security to your new conceived infant while bathing. You can without much of a stretch evacuate the head bolster cushion and dry it while not in utilize. It has integrated soft feet that give additional wellbeing by avoiding slipping of your infant outside the bath. You can utilize it until the point when your child starts sitting easily. You can buy baby bath tub online on Amazon.

Cushioned head, soft work support and leg rest are other features that give additional solace to infant while bathing. The strong base of this bather offers a steady help to it. You can undoubtedly expel and clean its fabric cover. It very well may be machine washed.




Easily foldable, can be used for massageMay splash out Water


Suitable for newborn babies, or under 6 months
Bigger in size, space savior

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A few parents will have a go at getting in the Baby Bath Tub, however, this additionally has its very own dangers – one slip and infant could knock his or her head or suffocate. And trying to lean over the edge of the tub to scour each one of those tiny child parts is difficult for the back.

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